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O. T. #731  "Smilers"
April 8, 2016
2 Samuel 19-Part 2
"My lord the king, please forgive me," he pleaded. 
Your life will be spared.  2 Samuel 19:19, 23


So King David started on his return back to Jerusalem. How was he greeted?
  • When he arrived at the Jordan River, the people of Judah came to Gilgal to meet him and escort him across the river.
  • Shimei, the stone thrower in chapter 16, hurried across with the men of Judah to welcome their king. What? The man who was so ugly to David, calling him murderer and scoundrel is wisy-washy now as he crosses the river. Trying to save his hide, that's what he's up to. don't you agree. After all, the king had the power to say, "Off with his head."
  • A thousand other men from Shimei's tribe of Benjamin were with him.
  • Also accompanying Shimei was Ziba, the chief servant of Saul's house, along with Ziba's 15 sons and 20 servants.
  • These all rushed down to the Jordan to meet the king. They crossed the shallows of the Jordan to bring the king's household across the river, helping him in every way they could.
How we greet people lets them know what lies ahead, whether it be at our front door, to begin a dreadful meeting, in store, on the street, or in a church.

Ann Voskamp, a gifted best seller book author and internet writer, said these words on her website, A Holy Experience, "We need more grinners, winkers, laughers, smilers to go walk the streets. Smiling at anyone is to awe at the face of God."

Are you up for a challenge today, friend? Think I am going to smile at everyone I meet today, and even go further and give them a hello. If each of us did this, could our communities, states, and nation be changed? What if we said thank you a hundred times today? Could that simple sincere act, which costs us nothing monetarily, change us and those we encounter? What could happen with only a simple smile? Attitudes would change, huh? Our environment could be pleasant, right? Wouldn't this be pleasing to God? (If I knew how to send a big happy face from my phone to you, I would:)


It was time to pick up the pieces after the battle was over. David couldn't afford to alienate any of the tribes as he worked on gathering the fragments of his kingdom of the various tribes of Israel. How did David do this? He showed mercy and kindness, especially to those who had opposed him, joined sides with Absalom, and became David's enemy. Let's check them out.

First, there was Shimei. He fell down before the king as David was about to cross the river.
Shimei confessed:
  • his need of David's forgiveness by calling him my lord the king;
  • asking David to forgive the terrible thing he had done when David left Jerusalem, referring to the stoning;
  • seeking the king to put it out of his mind;
  • admitting he had sinned;
  • announcing that is why he was there that day, to be the very first person in all Israel to greet his lord the king.
Oh, man, talk about wishy-washy, that man was. It sounds like he was trying to save his scalp, or head.

"Shouldn't Shimei be put to death for this because he cursed the LORD's anointed?" Abishi asked. Exodus 22:28 is clear on the matter. That person was to be put to death. Although Shimei deserved death right then, David showed him mercy for a while. It was a day of celebration, not execution. David announced that he was once again king of Israel. (verse 23) David spared his life that day.
As it turns out for Shimei, later on, David advised Solomon, his son who became king, to execute Shimei in 1 Kings 2:8-9, 42-46, when he violated King Solomon's edict.

Daily we need to ask our King Jesus for mercy, right? Even throughout the day we sin and need His mercy. Do we share that mercy we receive with others? Forgive in the way we are forgiven, Jesus instructed us. How grateful are we since God spares us from Hell!!!! Although we deserve it. What love Jesus showed when He purchased our salvation through death on the cross!


Show mercy.
Smile today.
In everything give thanks.

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