Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Delighting in Wrong Doing

O. T. #744  "Delighting in Wrong Doing"
April 27, 2016
2 Samuel 24
But why, my lord the king, do you want to do this?  2 Samuel 24:3


Do people we know delight in doing the wrong thing? Now days it seems that they flaunt their sins-sleeping with a friend, doing drugs in front of the kids, leaving kids alone while they party. We would be appalled at the environments children live in and things they see and experience. David decided to do the wrong thing. Let's see what he did and why.

VI. Narrative on Lord's Anger on Israel

Here is the second outbreak of divine anger against this nation, with the famine being the first. The reason was unspecified here. Whatever the reason, it had David  ticked off with Israel too. God permitted Satan to work in order that the purposes of the Lord might be fulfilled-punishment for sin.

This probably happened in the latter years of David's life and on the heels of a war between Israel and the Philistine enemies. (Swindoll)

Satan incited David to take this census, and the Lord sovereignly and permissively used Satan to accomplish His will. (MacArthur)

In enemy was directly responsible for impressing David's mind with this wayward thought. Do we consider that the real battle we have begins in our mind? Paul warned us to "not be ignorant of his schemes" (2 Cor. 2:11). Satan has the ability to get into our mind and direct our thoughts. We need to send him on his way when that happens.

King David instructed his commander of the army, Joab, to number the people of Judah and Israel. Was his motive to learn the strength of his army? Was pride the silent reason behind David's ordering the census?

Are we careful to not allow our decisions to be influenced by pride? So we have discernment to recognize the difference?

Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on those things that are true, honest,just, pure, lovely, and of good report. Those are a good assignment for me today. How about you?


A census was usually for military purposes, which looks like is the case in verse 9. Joab question the king as to why he ordered a census throughout his kingdom, why he delighted in doing this. Joab warned against it, but the king's orders prevailed against the general's. Just do it! Right or wrong, he shall be done. And so it was.
Do people we know delight in doing the wrong thing?

Swindoll points out a couple of weaknesses in David's life at this point:
First, David was out of touch with God. He didn't seek God's counsel, nor did he search the Scriptures before making this decision.
The second weakness is that David was unaccountable to anyone around him.

It took 9 months and 20 days to count the entire nation. Joab reported to David they had 800,000 capable warriors in Israel who could handle a sword and 500,000 in Judah. Now 1 Chronicles 21 gives some other figures different.


Think on good things, not criticisms.

What I think, leads to words I say, and actions I do.

Keep in touch with God.

Stay accountable for my actions.

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