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Showing Appreciation

O. T. #733 "Showing Appreciation"
April 12, 2016
2 Samuel 19-Part 4
"Come across with me and live in Jerusalem," the king said to Barzillai. "I will take care of you there."  2 Samuel 19:33


Our church is showing appreciation to our former youth director this weekend. He has had to step down from this position due to the return of cancer. For several years now he has taken kemo treatments off and on. He has so touched many lives through the ten years or so of his service. Since he has worked in the local school system, more young lives have been influenced for the Lord Jesus than we can count. So we wanted to allow these folks to show their appreciation and love to this great man of faith while he is living. What a weekend it will be! (Not only has Donnie served on staff with my husband, but we went to high school together, also. We attended our home church together before we surrendered to the ministry. He and his sweet wife are dear to us.) Please pray for them as they travel this very difficult road of faith.
David took time to show his appreciation to an elderly man in today's lesson. Wonder who it is? Come on and join me.

Have you noticed that King David was greeted and escorted by several on his return to Jerusalem? There was Shimel the stone thrower, who was spared, Mephibosheth, who was restored, and now the rewarding of faithful Barzillai.
Who was Barzillai?
  • Barzillai was one of the 3 friends to greet David and his supporters who provided them with food, drinks, and mats. (17:27)
  • He was compassionate and supportive of a king on the run for safety from Absalom. He knew his king and men were hungry, thirsty, and tired. 
  • Barzillai was very old (80) and very wealthy.
  • David invited him to join him in Jerusalem to live and he would take care of Barzillai.
Have you noticed one thing about David-he shows appreciation to those who have helped him along the way in his life. We should follow his example.

Barzillai declined the great offer of his king. He said that due to his age, he no longer enjoyed anything. Food and wine were no longer tasty; singers were hard for him to hear; he considered himself as a burden to his king. He wanted to return home to die. However, this man requested that David allow his son, Kimham, to go with David and receive whatever David wanted to give him.
So David blessed Barzillai, kissed him, and the old man returned home while his son accompanied David.

This shows us that we can be useful in kingdom work no matter how old we are. Now we have no excuse.
Shall we look for someone to whom we can show our appreciation today?
Jesus promises to provide for His children. Are we trusting in Him to do so?


In the rest of this chapter we read of an argument over the king. Tension between the tribes and Judah existed earlier in their history has now surfaced. This sounds like two brothers quarreling over a toy, doesn't it?
  • You stole the king so we didn't get the honor of helping take David, his household, and his men across the Jordan. (Israel)
  • The king is one of our own kinsmen. Why should this make you angry? We haven't eaten any of the king's food or received any special favors. (Judah)
  • since there are 10 tribes in Israel, we have 10 times the right to the king as you do. Why do you despise us? Weren't we the first to speak of bringing him back to be our king again? (Israel)
  • The argument was ended with the words of the men of Judah were harsher than those of the men of Israel.
Do you hear pride and jealousy speaking up? The men of Judah answered the men of Israel instead of letting King David answer them.
David united the nation geographically, but not morally. Their quarrel escalated into Sheba's revolt in chapter 20. (D. Jeremiah)

David had previously been king over both Judah and Israel (other tribes). Oh brothers! What is the big deal? What does it matter who escorted King David back over the Jordan River into Jerusalem? Apparently it did with these men. Where is the David? Why did he not speak up and resolve this argument? Sometimes not intervening has bad results. Are you a peace maker?


Don't hold onto grudges.

Live peaceably with all people.

Show appreciation of people while they are living.

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