Monday, April 11, 2016

Accepting or Complaining?

O. T. #732  "Accepting or Complaining?"
2 Samuel 19-Part 3
Give him all of it. 2 Samuel 19:30 NLT


So many times children today argue with their parents over their decision. They complain when they don't get their way. They should be accepting it because parents love them and know best for them. do we accept or complain when we know God's decision? Even when it is a "no"? Read on to find out how Mephibosheth reacted whenever his inheritance was divided with a lying scoundrel.

David crossed over Jordan before he entered Jerusalem. He was greeted by Shimel, the stone thrower, to whom David showed mercy and forgiveness. HIs life was spared that day, for the law said he deserved death.

Who else came to greet David? The second greeter was Mephibosheth,
What do we know happened concerning Mephibosheth?
  • He became crippled at age 5 when a nurse dropped him as she ran to safety.
  • He was the son of David's best friend, Jonathan, and former King Saul's grandson, the one who was next in line to be king after their death, but God appointed David instead.
  • David did not kill Mephibosheth, obviously, but welcomed him to eat at the king's table.
  • David had previously given the land of inheritance of Saul's family to this one, before Absalom took over as king of Israel.
  • After David and his family and supporters left Jerusalem, Ziba, who was one of Mephibosheth's servants, lied to David when asked where Mephibosheth was, saying he stayed in Jerusalem to get back the kingdom of his grandfather Saul. (chapter 16)
  • So David believed Ziba and gave him all that Mephibosheth owned.
  • Now Mephibosheth has the gall to show up to greet David? But of course he does, for Mephibosheth is a loving, loyal supporter of David. 
  • His loyalty was evident when Mephibosheth did not care for his feet, trim his beard, nor wash his clothes since the day the king left Jerusalem. These were signs of mourning David's departure.
  • Why had Mephibosheth not gone with David?
  • The truth is revealed-Ziba did not provide him with a donkey as Ziba was supposed to have done, betraying and slandering him saying Mephibosheth refused to come.
  • Do what you think is best King David, for you are like an angle of God. All his relatives could only have expected death, but David honored him by allowing him to eat at David's table. What more could he ask of his king?
How does this relate to us believers in Jesus? We were crippled by sin's grip on our life, but God in His mercy and grace saved our lost soul through the blood of Jesus. We don't deserve heaven, but Jesus will one day welcome us into our new heavenly home.


David is in a dilemma-he already gave away Saul's estate to Ziba because of his lie. What will he do now that he found out Mephibosheth was actually a supporter of his? Mephibosheth trusted in David's discernment and knew he deserved none of David's grace.

David 's decision on the matter of who should own Saul's estate was a compromise-the two men divided the land equally between them. Mephibosheth told David to give Ziba all of it, for he was content just to have David safely back again. This noble-hearted and unselfish man was content to have his friend the king back with him. This whole questionable matter remained unanswered. We do not read of Mephibosheth arguing or disputing the king's decision, but he accepted it.

As Christians we should have no jealousy and lies in our life. David needed discernment to know Mephiboshth was the one telling the truth. Can we tell when people are lying to us or telling the truth?

God's grace is enough for us. Do we accept or complain about God's ways? We can trust that God makes no mistakes. He knows all things. He does what is right.


Go to the King and sincerely confess my sins and my not deserving mercy.

Have faith in King Jesus to make the right decisions in my life.

Accept without complaint...

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