Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mighty Warriors

O. T. #743  "Mighty Warriors"
April 26, 2016
2 Samuel 23-Part 2


Friend, what battle are you doing through now? Maybe you are not in one, but  have gone through a battle lately. If neither applies to you, hang on tightly, for you will be going through soon. (Sorry, but that is life.)
Did you survive your battle? Honestly, that is a ridiculous question, Linda. I know you wouldn't be here with me if you had lost. So, how did you make it through? Did you come out with battle scars? Did your faith carry you through? Can you be considered a mighty warrior for Jesus? Won't you take time to share with us so we can learn from your experiences? David had many battles in his life, for sure. Yet, he was a mighty warrior, who had many mighty warriors, also.

V. Accounts of David's Warriors

The fifth account mentioned pertaining to David's life, though not in chronological order, is found in this chapter. David tells the names of his mightiest warriors in his army of about 400 men. It took place during the time Saul sought to kill David. These stories are also mentioned in 1 Chronicles 11-12.

The Scripture states that the mighty man, emphasizing excellence and unusual quality, is not victorious because of his strength (Ps. 33:16), but because of his understanding and knowledge of the Lord (Jer. 9:23-24). (MacArthur)

These men helped David become king, which are listed here. God recognizes them:
The Three-an elite, courageous group among David's fighting men; They loved David so much that they were willing to risk their lives to break through the Philistine enemy line to obtain some water from the well at Bethlehem. Because David knew of their sacrifice, he couldn't drink it and offered it unto the Lord as a drink offering. This water is as precious as the blood of these three men, who risked their lives to bring it to me, David explained. It was to express his unworthiness of the gesture.

Jashobeam, the top man in David's army, is mentioned here, since he once used his spear to kill 800 enemy warriors in a single battle. What a warrior! Eleazar was next in rank. He and David fought off the Philistines while Israelite army fled. Then there was Shammah, who held his ground in battle against the Philistines in a field full of lentils and beat them back.

Who wouldn't want these three guys to have your back? God gave them strength and ability, as well as the victories.
Are we a mighty warrior for Jesus? Do we trust Him to give us victory when we are fighting spiritual battles in our life?


The Thirty Mighty Men-was led by Abishai, brother of Joab. Once, he used his spear to kill 300 enemy warriors in a single battle. Now that is some guy.
Benaiah was a valiant warrior who killed two champions of Moab, chased down a lion into a pit and killed it on a snowy day; he killed a 71/2 foot tall Egyptian warrior with his spear, since Benaiah only had a club.
Other members of the Thirty Mighty Men are listed in verses 24-39, which were actually 37 in all. Some had to be replaced.

Jesus was victorious in His temptation presented by Satan in the wilderness, and in His battle with His flesh while hanging on the cross. His success was obtained by depending upon His heavenly Father.


Let God fight my battles, for I am worn and torn.

Trust Him for the victory.

Put on my spiritual armor, as in Ephesians.

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