Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Unfailing Kindness

O. T. #1124  "Unfailing Kindness"
Jan. 2, 2018
Job 5-Part 3
He shows unfailing kindness to His anointed. Psalm 18:50


Isn't it time that we get back to the basics of life? Develop our relationship with God and with others. Ask forgiveness, give forgiveness, show unfailing kindness. This year, in spite of how that hard person treats us, let us show them kindness this year, for we receive God's unfailing kindness. Job's friend could have used those words.

Although Job is miserable physically, at wits' end emotionally, and confused spiritually, his friend Eliphaz has blamed and shamed, rebuked and judged Job.

Swindoll gives us 3 lessons we can learn from Eliphaz:
  1. Assumptions reduce understanding and insight. If you have made up your mind and you have already figured out what caused this, you can't really understand the truth because you're no longer listening. Assumptions reduce understanding, insight gets lost.
  2. Shame blocks grace and hinders relief.  Shame shoves you further into the tight grip of anguish. "Shame on you" does no good.
  3. Pride eclipses mercy and compassion. Pride and compassion cannot coexist.
so we need to listen instead of assume, to show grace instead of point out shame, and show compassion in place of pride. Of course, we have heard why we have 2 ears and only one mouth-to hear twice as much as we speak.

Job's friend did not even give him a chance to speak first, to get it off his chest, this pain and suffering. No, Eliphaz jumped right in with both feet, condemning Job for sinning. Yet Job was the most righteous man around, blameless and had integrity, which we know is true because God had said it to Satan in chapter 1.

Have we learned that we can't convict people of their sins. Only God can. When He does, we can offer His grace, understanding, and compassion.

Eliphaz tells Job, in verse 27, that they have studied life and found this to be true, hear it and understand it for yourself. He is talking about all he's been talking about. Hmm

According to verses 19-26, we can trust God will keep us safe from evil, death in famine, the sword in wartime, slander, destruction, wild animals. He continues to say, God will give us peace, a safe home, possessions from being stolen, bless us with children, and a long life. Eliphaz indicates Job would have prosperity, security, a family, and a rich life if he would confess his sins.

Now who couldn't use that in their life? Yeah buddy! We know that it rains on the just and the unjust. God provides for those not following Him as well as His faithful followers. But, let us keep in mind that Satan's ploy is to get us to doubt God's love and faithfulness toward us.


Repent of my sins.
Be an obedient, faithful follower of Jesus.
Trust God for peace and safety.
Help others find God's mercy and grace.
Show kindness to someone today.

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