Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Silent Friend

O. T. #1126  "A Silent Friend"
Jan. 4, 2018
Job 6-Part 2


Eliphaz, I haven't asked for something special, your wealth, deliverance from my adversary, or redeeming me from the hands of tyrants. Job does not ask help to get relief, nor try to cover up some hidden sin. (verses 22-23)

Teach me, and I will be silent; and show me how I have erred.  (verse 24)

Job expresses anguish and questions his trials. He needs sympathy while in his pain. Job is willing to acknowledge his wrongs, for he had not lied of his incense. He was neither a madman nor a wicked man. Job was patient and submissive. It didn't matter what Eliphaz thought, Job knew in his heart that he did not deserve the boils, his children killed, lost of livestock and servants.

A just cause deserves a just hearing. (Henry)

Silence and prayers often are the best help we can render a friend in pain, not judgment.


David Jeremiah gives us some pointers when helping a friend facing trouble:
  • They do not need sarcasm; they need support.
  • They do not need logic; they need love.
  • They do not need experiences; they need encouragement.
  • They do not need assumptions; they need assurances.
  • They do not need advice; they need affirmation.
  • They do not need pious platitudes; they need powerful principles.
No pep talks are needed, but sincere compassion. I think that I have learned a few things from Job already, or rather his so called friends.
When I am upset, I need a silent, listening ear. My husband has learned this. I don't need to be told how to solve the problem right then. I need apathy, reassurance that I am loved. As I work through the situation, then when I ask for advice, give it. But not until then. Anyone else like me?


Be a silent friend.
Show support, love, and listen to those going through trials and troubles.
Be assuring and encouraging.
Listen when others state their opinion for me to consider.

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