Monday, January 15, 2018

Condemners and Bullies

O. T. #1133  "Condemners and Bullies"
Jan. 15, 2018
Job 11-Part 2


Condemners and bullies are in a category of their own. Accusing me of acting like a child isn't going to get me to do what you want. When I am in the right, I'm not yielding. When I am convicted of being wrong, then I yield and confess it. Otherwise, stop bulling me. It took me a while to get to that place. Those hurtful words kept stabbing me in the heart. Finally, I forgave the person and refused to allow Satan to torment me with those words. Job's third friend was a bully and condemned him.

Falwell gives us insight into Zophar, in Liberty Bible Commentary:

Zophar is a man of worldly wisdom and common sense. In some respects, he is the most offensive of the three friends of Job. He accuses Job of lying and hypocrisy. He can hardly wait for God to defend Himself and finally give the whining, self-righteous old  man what he really deserves.(verses 1-6)

He accuses Job of arguing with God as though he knew the deep things of God, then defends God's sovereignty and greatness, or infinity, in this case. (verses 7-12)

Zophar expresses his deep conviction that Job is a sinner. He advises Job to repent, and turn from  wickedness. If he does, God will surely forgive him, restore him, and banish all fear and suffering. (verses 13-20)

Falwell continues to explain:
  • Job has been insisting that God has been too harsh with him.
  • The height, depth, length, and breath of God are beyond human comprehension.
  • God has absolute power, and in the affairs of men He acts as judge and jury.
  • God's exercise of supreme authority is justified, because He knows men through and through and can recognize a worthless man on sight.
Zophar was determined to expose Job's secret sins, yet none could be found.
Do we realize that God knows everything about us, even our thoughts?
Are there things we need to change, now that we understand that?


Zophar should have gotten his facts straight before he took on a man as faithful as Job. (Swindoll)
Will Job put a stop to those legalists? We will soon see.

Do you recall the time when a woman was caught in adultery and her accusers brought her to Jesus? They were calling for her to be stoned to death according to the Mosaic Law. (John 8) Jesus bent down and wrote in the dirt. Then He said, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
They were guilty of some sort of sin, whether the same one or not. The accusers left, thus no one was left to condemn her.  Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee; go, and sin no more.
The women's accusers were Scribe and Pharisees, learned of the Word.

Where does that leave us? Sin is not always the reason suffering comes to folks. Sometimes it is a testing of our faith.

Do we assume we know why others are having hard times?
Do we compare others, implicating them by the sins of others?
Do we jump to false conclusions?
Are we condemners?
Are we guarding against judgmental generalizations?


Stop judging others and love them to Jesus.
Leave the judging to God, for He is just.
Pray for mercy for our condemners.

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