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O. T. #1134  "How?"
Jan, 16, 2018
Job 12
True wisdom and power are found in God; counsel and understanding are His. 
Job 12:13 NLT


Now, take a look at the birds in the air, animals in the fields, the fish in the sea. Take a good look at each one, how unique they are. Where did they come from? Who made them?  We can't explain how birds can fly, how fish can inhale water and live, how animals know to hibernate in the winter. Why do the planets not collide out in space and the sun doesn't burn us up?  Oh, scientists think they have it all figured out. Believers know the answers, as well as Job-God did it and continues to maintain it all in His control. He gives them all instincts to do what they do, uniquely. He knows the how to the intricate details.

In verses 13-25, Job lists the mighty acts of God:
  • He has wisdom and might;
  • counsel and understanding.
  • He tears down and it cannot be rebuilt.
  • He imprisons a man without release.
  • He restrains the water, as well as drying them up, sending them out.
  • He has strength and sound wisdom.
  • He has control over counselors, judges, kings, priests, elders, nobles.
  • He reveals mysteries and gives light.
  • He makes great nations and then destroys them, even enlarging them.
Swindoll explains, "It's all about our God! It is the inscrutable, Almighty God, who is in charge of all things. don't you think I know that? The God I serve takes delight in undoing human activities and in dismantling human enterprises, and in the process, executing His miraculous undertaking. He alone is in full control. "

Have Job's friends actually met God? Even though Job cannot explain the reason for his suffering, He knows God is still in control. Job's faith and wisdom is not that of an airheaded idiot, is it?
I don't need to have all the answers to all the questions about things. I believe that the Creator does. He knows the how and why of it all since He put it all together and makes it work or do its thing.


Job's point is that he is living proof that God does not always reward goodness and punish evil, as his three visitors have been insisting. They have praised God as the Creator. Job can do that too. He has never doubted God's power; he can list the thing God can do, as he did here. Also, Job lists God's destructive power.  (Falwell)

I think Job insinuates what he told his wife earlier after she advised he curse God and die in 2:10,
Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?

Job did not completely understand the reason for his suffering, but neither did his friends. Job was convinced that their reasons were narrow-minded and incorrect. God's wisdom is superior to any the world has to offer.

Are we trusting in God's wisdom in our life, problem, situation? Will we continue on living with faith in Him, focusing on carrying out His will? Others can discourage us, but God loves us.


God holds my life and breath in His hand, and everything that comes my way.
Focus on Him and not the painful things.
Trust the One who is all wise and all powerful.

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