Monday, January 1, 2018

Suffering and Deliverance

O. T. #1123  "Suffering and Deliverance"
January 1, 2018
Job 5-Part 2
But consider the joy of those corrected by God! Do not despise the discipline of the Almighty when you sin. For though He wounds, he also bandages. He strikes but His hands also heal.
(Job 5:17-18 NLT)


Happy New Year, my dear friends in Christ. I am so glad you have continued with me as we study God's Word together. However, many of you have yet to leave a comment about what God is doing in your life. Won't you consider sharing with us? It brings encouragement to us.
Well, instead of looking back over last year and all the struggles, problems, and trials we went through, shall we look ahead with confident expectance as we trust in our Savior Jesus Christ? Our assignment is to complete God's will in our life no matter what that may entail. But are we ready?
Although Job's friend Eliphaz has some harsh things to say to Job, he does have a few good things to say. Join me, won't you?

This so called friend of Job's does have a few good things to say:
  • We should be happy to suffer for the glory of God, especially if it brings restoration to a soul (ours or others).
  • We should accept God's discipline upon our life, for it proves to us that He loves us  as His child.
  • God binds up the wounds of His children.
  • He heals those injured.
  • God delivers us from troubles. (verse 19)
  • He redeems us from famine, death, and war. (verse 20)
  • He hides us from the scourge of the tongue. (verse 21)
  • God delivers us from destruction and the beasts. (verse 22)
  • Your offspring shall be great and numerous. (verse 25)
  • You will come to the grave at full age. (verse 26)
Of course, Eliphaz was speaking to Job, but God placed this passage in His Word to speak to us His children. Which of those do you need as reassurance in your life today, in your walk of faith?

We know that later on, Job is blessed by God with those things in his life because of his faithfulness and eventual humility. (chapter 42)
Although this friend said words of truth, he hasn't been much help to Job at that time.


Job's friend, Eliphaz,  did not give up. If he came to sympathize and comfort, then he sure had a weird way of doing it. Does it really matter how many experiences he has had, being older? He had no right to question Job's integrity. He accused Job of suffering because he was guilty of sin. Eliphaz suggests Job seeks God, placing his cause before Him. (verse 8)

There are people who twist the truth, ignore the facts, and verbally abuse the undeserving. (Swindoll)

Did Job get what he deserved? Was he not listening to God's reproofs? Was it true that after Job repented of his sins, then he would be just fine? If we don't have God's clear mind and the facts of the situation as proof, shouldn't we just love our hurting friend and keep quiet?

If there is insight to be gained, it will be gained through comfort and tender mercies, not rebuke and accusation. (Swindoll)

Do we need more tender mercies and compassion for others?


                                ... of judgmental thoughts and show tender mercies and compassion to those who
                                    hurt me.
                                ... and willfully suffer for Jesus.
                                ... then trust Jesus for deliverance in His time.

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