Friday, March 31, 2017

Wall of Protection

O. T. #951 "Wall of Protection"
March 31, 2017
2 Chronicles 11


The division of Solomon's kingdom was a result of a revolt of the 10 northern tribes of Israel. Jeroboam led them to separate due to over taxation and forced labor, thus being placed as their king. He established the city of Shechem as his royal residence.

That left the tribes of Judah and Benjamin forming the southern nation of Judah, with Rehoboam as their king. He was Solomon's son. Of course, had Rehoboam listened to the counsel of the advisors of his father, the split would not have occurred. David's line came through Judah, continuing to Jesus.

Israel's kings ruled about 20 years until Assyria conquered them. Judah's kings ruled about 345 years until Babylon conquered them. Eventually, the Babylonian Empire reigned over all this region, which lasted about70 years for God's people. God allowed this due to the idolatry of both nations.

That's an overview of history for us to review. There were priest and Levites who did not support Jeroboam as their king due to his idol worship, and the left the area to go to Jerusalem and the Temple. Thus, Jeroboam set up his own idolatrous priests.

The MacArthur Bible Commentary gives us some good insight here:
  • Demons is another word for idols (Lev. 17:7). Jeroboam made 2 golden calves for worship in Bethlehem and Dan.
  • God's blessings rested upon Rehoboam and Judah for 3 years because of the people's commitment to the ways of God as patterned after David and Solomon. However, his life of polygamy violated God's law for marriage and resulted in severe trouble and disaffection toward God.
  • Presumably, Rehoboam's 3 years of blessing preceded a fourth year of spiritual rebellion, which God judged in his fifth year with judgment at the hand of the Egyptians.

Are we careful in what has first place in our heart and life? If God is not on the throne of our life, then we allow some form of idolatry to creep in and we know how that ends up. We become subject to the effects of demons, and ooh what a mess they can make of things.

So friends, let's stay close to God, surrendered to Him.


Rehoboam eventually forsook God's Word and led Judah into apostasy, as we find out in the next chapter. Previously, God had put a wall of protection around His people, so great nations were not able to invade their territory.

Are we trusting in God's protecting hand up us? Or are we trusting in our self? Do we pray for His wall of protection around our family, as the world tries to lead them astray?


Stay within the wall of protection that God has around me.

Be obedient to His commands and servant to His leading.

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