Monday, March 6, 2017


O. T. #938  "Changes"
March 6, 2017
2 Chronicles 4


Like so any others, change is hard for me. What about you? There were some changes that Solomon had made to the Temple plans. Join me as we look at them.

Details of the furnishings of the new Temple are listed here. This was due to an increase of sacrifices in Jerusalem, with large crowds traveling there. Therefore, a new and larger altar was constructed:
  • The Sea of cast bronze replaced the bronze basin.
  • One lampstand used in the Tabernacle, yet the Temple contained 10.
  • One table of showbread was replaced by 10 in the Temple.
  • Bronze doors and large pillars with decorations were added.
As the returnees from exile faced a huge task of building another Temple, they had to consider how to adjust the plans while preserving worship that God had specified. Circumstances will always change, yet worship must remain.  (David Jeremiah)

Are we willing to change when the Lord requires it?


Why was there so much emphasis on the temple in the Old Testament?

Life Application Study Bible explains:
  1. It was a symbol of religious authority. Beliefs were to be kept through generations.
  2. It was a symbol of God's holiness. The Temple inspired respect and awe for God.
  3. It was a symbol of God's covenant with Israel. It kept the people focused on God's law rather than on the kings' exploits.
  4. It was a symbol of forgiveness. Sin's seriousness and penalty pointed them to a need for forgiveness.
  5. It prepared the people for the Messiah. Christ came to fulfill the law, not destroy it.
  6. It was a testimony to human effort and creativity. Inspired by the beauty of God's character, people devoted themselves to high achievements in engineering, science, and art in order to praise God.
  7. It was a place of prayer.
Could there be a better explanation? Is our place of worship a symbol of such for us? Is it a place of payer? Is it preparing us for Christ's return?


                      ... and change when God requires it of me.

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