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Treasure of Our Heart

O.T. #937  "Treasure of Our Heart"
March 3, 2017
2 Chronicles 3
The building material of its wall was jasper, the city was pure gold like clear glass. 
 Revelation 21:18
The broad street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. Revelation 21:21


Can you imagine walking on streets of gold? Living in a city made of gold and jasper? Ooohee! Brothers and sisters, let us hang on, for one day we will experience it! Our eyes have not seen such beauty,our ears have not heard such singing and praising of God, nor can we imagine what the Lord Jesus has prepared for His children. Where is the treasure of our heart? Is it here on earth or in heaven? Is Jesus the treasure of our heart?

What was one of Solomon's great achievements? The construction of the Temple was. Chapters 2,3,and 4 describe it. Why is this repeated? Keep in mind that Ezra is writing this to inform the Jews who were about to rebuild the Temple which had been destroyed by the Babylonians. After 70 years of captivity, the Jews were allowed to return home to Jerusalem. (Original plans for the Tabernacle were actually given to Moses back in Exodus 35-31)

Where was the building site? The Temple was sit at Mount Moriah, a hill that was rich in Israel's history.
What was it's significance?
  • First, it was the place where Abraham was told to offer his son Isaac to God.
  • Second, it had been the site of a threshing floor that David purchased and to be used for the Temple.
  • Third, it became the place where Solomon built the first Jewish Temple, which was meant to be the permanent dwelling of the stone tablets given to Moses inside the Ark of the Covenant, received at Mt. Moriah.
  • Fourth, the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, then later rebuilt by the returning Jews, beginning in 538 BC. It took 46 years to be completed.
  • Notable is that this was the place of Calvary, where Jesus was crucified for sinners, as our perfect sacrifice.
  • Then in 70AD, the Temple was looted and leveled by a Roman general and emperor.
  • Currently, the contention between the Jew and Palestinians over the ownership of the Temple Mount. Two Muslin shrines stand on the Temple Mount.
  • During the Millennium Christ will return to earth to rule over all the earth from Jerusalem.
Oh, Jerusalem, Jesus loves you. He loves you and me, too, folks.


The task of building the Temple required such a massive effort, taking 7 years to complete. The laborers of 30,000 cut the timbers and another 15,000 for other tasks. The Temple was built of stone, paneled with cedar, and overlaid with gold. We can estimate the value of the gold alone at almost 3 billion dollars, if it were $35 per ounce.

The Temple was twice the size of the Tabernacle-90' long and 30' wide. There were 2 courts called the outer and inner courts. Not only was the Holy of Holies in which the the Mercy seat was, but the furnishings for the preparations for sacrifices. Housed within this tremendous building were a hall of pillars and the judgment hall where Solomon judged the people. Here is where Israel would come to worship, thousands daily, Israel's true treasure, not the gold, but God.

Illustrated Bible Handbook by Lawrence O. Richards gives us a different perspective:
The OT Temple was not built to house God, but as a place of meeting between God and man. Here men could approach the Holy One of Israel through sacrifice. The Temple then was not for God, but for man-a marked pathway to salvation for the penitent sinner (1 Kings 8:27-30).

The promised Deliver, Messiah, Jesus Christ would one day teach inside a Temple built on that site. Now how cool is that! A simple chapel can be an adequate place to pray and meet with our God, as well as a beautiful building.
Wherever we meet with God can become our sanctuary. It becomes a place where we pour out our praise and worship, our needs, our heart, a place of healing.


Faithfully meet with God in my private sanctuary daily.

Keep Him as the treasure of my heart.

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