Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pleasing Others

O. T. #950  "Pleasing Others"
2 Chronicles 10
March 28, 2017
And they spake unto him, saying, If thou be kind to this people, and please them, and speak good words to them, they will be thy servants forever.  2 Chronicles 10:7


Seems like lately, all I do is make people angry at me. All I'm doing is following the rules, informing them, but they do not seem to be interested in those things. No, they want their way, whether it is right or wrong. Don't tell them "no" either, or they will be out to get you, me in this case. They are revengeful; spread gossip; and turn others against us. So I have folks, whom I never dreamed would walk away so they don't have to talk to me. Friends, who chew me out and slap my hand, mind you. Never in 37 years of ministry have I had church people be so hateful to me as recently. Well, I have cried my heart out for days on end. But Jesus always comes and puts the broken pieces back together and gives me strength to carry on. I leave the revenge to Him. His judgment is so  worse than what I could ever think of. No, it will take a while, but I'm sure Jesus will give me forgiveness and love for those folks. Now, I'm sorry to have poured out my hart to you, but have you experienced a similar thing?
Pleasing others-oooh eee, that is a tall cup of tea, Lord! I realize there are some folks you cannot please, if you hung them with a new rope, so to speak.
Are you ready to move on? Thanks for listening. I feel better already now.

As a reminder, the Chronicles are divided into four divisions:
  1. The Genealogies (chapters 1-9 of 1 Chronicles)
  2. The Reign of David (chapters 10-29 of 1 Chronicles)
  3. The Reign of Solomon (chapters 1-9 of 2 Chronicles)
  4. The Kings of Judah (chapters 10-36 of 2 Chronicles)
By the time of our chapter, King Solomon has died. (2 Chronicles 9:31)
Now his son, Rehoboam take over as Israel's king. In only 19 verses, the monarchy of Israel's king divides. Isn't that something?

Is there anything that divides our home, our family, our church? A house divided will fall.


Liberty Bible Commentary gives us an outline:
  • Israel's request for a new king, Rehoboam (verses 1-5)
  • the counsel he received (verses 6-11)
  • his foolish decision and answer (verses 12-15)
  • the resultant revolt of the northern tribes (verses 16-19).
It corresponds with 1 Kings 12:1-19, verse by verse. Ezra failed to mention Jeroboam who was king over Israel in 1 Kings 12:20.

I noticed that Rehoboam sought counsel with the older men, who advised Solomon, but he did not heed it. Instead, he listened to the younger, inexperienced men, and as Paul Harvey said, "We know the end of the story." Israel divided into two kingdoms-northern and southern, with 2 kings.

Are we doing good to people? Do we do our best to please them? Are we willing to give them favorable answers?

Perhaps the young men had public jobs, eating out of the public trough, so to speak, and did not want their source of money cut off, but increased with money from more taxes. That is what the revolt was about. Pockets were padded besides the king's. Isn't that the way it goes often times-politicians pass bills to put more money into their projects or pockets?

Do we consider the good of the people instead over our self? Do our decisions take advantage of others? How will this effect them?


Give my burdens to Jesus; pour out my heart to Him.

Think of others before myself.

Obey God's commands and Word.

*Update on Rose: She is doing well off the gas, which was keeping her down. Her oxygen level is good. She still has the trachea tube in, though. We are hooping she can come home the first of next week. Yes, Gaylene, God is good!

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  1. All the time! and all the time, God is Good!

    Sorry about how folks are treating you; that kind of attitude and actions seem rampant in our world as well. I just tend to believe they are hurting, searching, longing for the peace of Jesus. Only Christ makes it bearable.

    Keep hanging on to Him, friend.