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O. T. #945  "Listening"
March 7, 2017
2 Chronicles 7-Part 2
If I shut up heaven that there is no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people...  2 Chronicles 7 :13


King Solomon built a magnificent Temple as the house of the Lord, for he longed for God's presence to be obvious there. Solomon spared no expense or effort. However, he recognized that it was no guarantee that God would choose to inhabit this place when the spectacular building was completed. The priestly choir sang and played instruments in reverent praise to God. They offered animal sacrifices upon the altar, so many that they were uncountable. Fire came down from heaven and consumed the offerings. Then the glory of the Lord filled the Temple! When we choose to reveal His presence in our lives, it is no doubt that it is God!  (Backaby)

Then the Lord made a second appearance to Solomon by night. The first time was in the first chapter when He told Solomon to ask what he desired. Wisdom was chosen by Solomon and it was granted. Now in verse 12, the Lord assures Solomon that He heard his prayer and chose the Temple for His dwelling place on earth.

What a humble and sincere hearted man, like his father, huh? To have God appear to him twice was evidence.

God is good and His mercy endureth forever. Have you been experiencing God's mercy and goodness? Are you obeying His Word by faith? Are we walking by faith?


In verses 12-22, we read of some "if's" , conditions, that He gives Solomon:
  • If no rain falls,
  • if locusts come to devour your land/crops,
  • or if pestilence/plagues come upon the people, it is because of your sin.
Can't get much plainer than that-God reveals the problem if those things occurred. I wonder if cancers and diseases are so rampid in America is due to our sins of abortion and homosexuality. Something to consider.

Next, God gives the solution to those problems. We will rad about it in the rest of the chapter.


Listen to what the Lord tells me and obey.

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