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O. T. #947  "Astonishment"
March 22, 2017
2 Chronicles 7-Part 4
And this house, which is high, shall be an astonishment to everyone that passeth by; so that they say, Why hath the LORD done thus unto this land, and unto this house? 2 Chronicles 7:21


Does anything astonish you or amaze you? With the way our society is now, it shouldn't, but some things I see still do. Israel was headed down that road.

Ezra is telling his people of Israel their history as they return from captivity of 70 years to rebuild the Temple, cities, and government. Their hearts had turned back to the Lord. In this chapter, we read of the sacrifices Solomon and others had made unto the Lord after his dedication of the new Temple, which he had built. Then God appeared to Solomon a second time giving him conditions of blessings and consequences of disobedience. If the nation obeyed God, then David's kingdom would be established and his descendants would rule it.That is where we pick up the story.

What would bring on the lack of rain, crop eating locusts, and diseases upon the people of Israel?
  • turning away from God (verse 19),
  • forsaking God's statutes and commandments, 
  • going and serving other gods,
  • worshiping other gods,
There it is, spelled out to Solomon and Israel, as well as written in black and white for us.
Do we know folks who have turned from following after God's commands?
Are they not worshiping God, instead self, pleasures, or materialism, which is things?
Can we help them turn back and repent?


Then Israel would be plucked up by their roots out of their land, which God gave to them, and out of the place God had sanctified in His name (Temple), and cast out of His sight, made a proverb and byword among the nations.

People who passed by the place where the Temple had been after its destruction would be an astonishment to them.
Astonishment, in the Hebrew language, is the word shaaph (shah'-af), which means fluctuation; Webster's Dictionary clarifies it as meaning amazed.

So when people passed by the spot where such a magnificent Temple once stood, they would be astonished, amazed, appalled that it was gone.

God would  it would be an object of mockery an ridicule among the nations.

In verses 21-22, they would ask, "Why did the LORD do such terrible things to this land and to this Temple?"
The answer would be: They abandoned God, worshiped other gods, bowed down to them, That is why He brought all those disasters upon them.

Their disobedience was legendary and so was the destruction of their kingdom and their dispersion. When Israel is saved, then their King Messiah will set up His glorious kingdom. (Rev.20:1)

Soon after Solomon's reign, the Temple was ransacked (12:9). It is difficult for us to imagine that such a great and wise king could become corrupted by idols-symbols of power, prosperity, and sexuality. But even today these idols lure us into their traps. When we allow any desire to rival God's proper place, we have taken the first step toward moral and spiritual decay. (Life Application Study Bible)


Stay close to God, His commands, and worship Him only.

Do not allow things to become more important than God.

*It is an astonishment as to all the great things God has brought Rose through-heart valve and artery replacement, tracheotomy, ablation on her heart. We keep praying for her getting off of nitric oxide, which helps her lung pressure remain normal. When it is removed, her oxygen level goes down.

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