Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Where is God?

O. T. #822  "Where is God?"
August 30, 2016
2 Kings 2-Part 6
Where is the LORD God of Elijah?  2 Kings 2:14


Where is God when tragedy strikes home? Where was God when the flood waters carry away all we have? Where is God when our loved one is suffering? Where was God when our loved one died? Where? Tell me where.
The answer is: God is still on His throne, in control, doing His will His way, carrying out His purposes in His time. Please keep reading, sweet one, for a better understanding.

It is by faith that we trust He knows best. So many times when we don't understand why a particular thing happened. We question God's good judgment in allowing something painful to come into our life. Dear one, we may not know all the answers while here on earth. So mentally label a file "I Don't Understand" or "Questions to Ask God" reserved for when we get to heaven. He can explain the big, overall picture to us. Then our suffering will be but a little thing.
In today's story, Elisha, God's prophet, experienced the loss of his master, mentor, wise teacher, Elijah.

Elijah and Elisha experienced a most miraculous, phenomenal event. As the two men of God were walking, a chariot o fire appeared, drawn by horses of fire between them. It drove between the two men, separating them. It was time for Elijah to go on to heaven. His work on earth was finished. Then Prophet Elijah was carried by a whirlwind into heaven. He did not die as men do. What a reward for this faithful servant. Isn't God creative?
Since Elisha saw this event, he was granted a double portion of the Spirit, as he requested earlier.    MacArthur says that Elisha did twice as many recorded miracles as Elijah did. God's empowerment was more important than the wealth to Elisha's ministry. The mighty power that lived in Elijah lived through Elisha.

I don't want to forget or make light of the situation here. Elisha suffered loss of a beloved mentor and friend. He took time to mourn, then he picked up the pieces, the mantle of Elijah, and carried on his ministry, like Elijah would have wanted. Elisha carried on, with the Spirit of God leading him. In fact, he received a double portion of the Spirit which Elijah had. Yet, Elisha questioned God, as we might do in our time of confusion or sorrow.

Now with Elijah gone, Elisha takes over. He picked up Elijah's cloak, mantle, and struck the Jordan River so he could cross back over, asking, "Where is the LORD, the God of Elijah?"
God was right there with Elisha. The evidence was seen when the waters parted and Elisha went across, as a confirmation.

It is all right to ask God "Why?" He loves us so much and hurts with us, but knows the answer when He does not reveal it to us. He understands pain, for He gave up His Son to die a cruel death on the cross to provide us with salvation and a relationship with Him, as well as eternal life in heaven.

Are we teaching the younger generation God's Word, how to pray, and walk by faith? Are we preparing them to serve in our place?
Do we ever wonder where God is as we go through trials that are flooding our soul and mind? What do we do when our life is a whirlwind?  Do we ask God to part our problems so we can walk on? Dear one, He is not done with us yet, or we would be already in heaven, right? The same God who sends miraculous chariots and horses of fire and whirlwinds to bless His servants has not changed. Let us look up with expectation.


I was just wonder what those on-looking men who witnessed all of this thought, and then I read it in verse 15, Elijah's spirit rests upon Elisha! And they went to meet him and bowed to the ground before him.

This action was a symbol of their submission to Elisha as their major prophet in Israel. What did those men offer? They offered for 50 of their strongest men to search the wilderness for his master. All Elisha had to do was just say the word. They thought perhaps the Spirit of the LORD had left Elijah on some mountain or in some valley. They were wanting to give Elijah's body appropriate care. But really guys, you don't get it? You don't understand what you just saw?

At first, Elisha refused for them to go search, but since they persisted and shamed him into agreeing, he gave consent. You know, those guys searched 3 days for Elijah and did not find him. I chuckled as Elijah said to them upon their return, Didn't I tell you not to go?

When we experience a miracle in our life, it is sometimes difficult for others to understand what has happened. They may not know what's going on, recognize God moving, but it's up to us to tell them, "God did it," giving Him the glory.


Ask for God's Spirit to work and He will.

Keep looking up for God's hand to come down and perform a miracle in my life.

Look around for His grace to find me and give Him the praise.


Accept no if it comes.

Trust God's will to be perfect, best, right.

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