Thursday, August 11, 2016

Speaking the Truth

O. T. #810  "Speaking the Truth"
August 11, 2016
1 Kings 22


As previously said, Ahab was the wickedest king Israel ever had. He sold himself to work evil. Jezebel, his heathen wife, rule Ahab behind the scenes and made sure that her idol worship of Baal was the nation's religion.

God gave Ahab two victories over Syria, who was Israel's enemy, for His people's sake, as well a showing His grace. Then Ahab compromised and made a covenant of peace with Ben-hadad. However, this was disobedience with God's Word and judgment was coming upon Ahab-his death.

Then Ahab had a man stoned for his garden. He wouldn't give his vineyard, which was an inheritance, to the king to use as his garden, so Jezebel had the man killed, and later his sons, too.

With that said, we are coming down to the end of this book and Ahab's life, also.
Ahab did not defeat Syria when he had the chance, so this enemy came back to attack and kill him.

We pick up a story 3 years later of the king of Judah (other 2 tribes of Israel in southern kingdom), Jehoshaphat, joined his army with that of Ahab's (10 tribes of Israel in northern kingdom).
King Jehoshaphat wanted to know God's will about this battle, so they asked of the 400 prophets to Ahab and worshipers of Baal.
(These guys always catered to Ahab, giving him a good report, whether it was the truth or not.) So victory was promised when these armies with to battle with Syria.  Jehoshaphat was not satisfied, so he wanted to hear from a prophet from the Lord, so Micaiah was brought.

Micaiah told the kings to go ahead and they would have victory, only it was said sarcastically. Then king replied sharply, How many times must I demand that you speak only the truth to me when you speak for the LORD? (verse 16)

Do we seek the Lord's will before going into battle, making decisions, starting our day? Do we
speak the truth when we are speaking for the Lord? Or do we speak soothing words, tickling their ears, making our listeners happy?  Which would God have us do?


Micaiah told  of his vision: Israel as scattered on the mountains, like sheep without a shepherd The LORD said, Their master has been killed. Send them home in peace. (verse 17)

This prophet continued to tell what else he saw:
  • The LORD was sitting on His throne with the armies of heaven around Him.
  • He asked who would go and entice Ahab to go in battle against Ramoth-gilead so he could be killed.
  • A spirit volunteered and God put a lying spirit in the mouths of all Ahab's prophets.
King Ahab would be killed in this battle and his army would be scattered, as Micaiah prophesied.
Micaiah was slapped and put back into prison, getting no bread or water until Ahab returned from the battle.
The prophet said, "If you return safely, it will mean that the LORD has not spoken through me."

This must have been Satan, whom the Lord  allowed to speak through 400 demons who indwelt the 400 false prophets. (MacArthur)

Life Application Study Bible adds:
God uses everything-both good and evil-for His good purposes (Gen. 50:20; Rom. 8:28). God does not entice anyone to evil, but He allows those who are committed to evil to sin even more in order to hurry their deserved judgment (Ex. 11:10). We don't need to understand very detail of ho God works in order to have perfect confidence in His absolute power over evil and His total goodness toward us.
I think the main focus here is not the evil, but God's will was accomplished, one way or another. He is always in control, sovereign. Do we surrender to His will?
We will see how Ahab's situation turns out next time. (Of course, we already know he is doomed.)


I may as well surrender, for God is going to have His will done, one way or another.

Cheerfully submit and obey.

Speak the truth.

Watch the blessing flow.

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