Thursday, August 4, 2016


O. T. #805  "Valuables"
August 4, 2015
1 Kings 20
They will take away everything you consider valuable! 1 Kings 20:6b


If we had an invasion, which would we willingly give up-wealth, family, house, valuables, land, Bible, car, jewelry? What do we consider valuable?  Ahab faced such a dilemma.

The northern kingdom of Israel had 8 evil kings in succession. King Ahab went down in history as the most wicked king that Israel ever had. His wife Jezebel ruled him behind the scenes and got Baal worship as the official religion in the land. Ahab sold himself to work evil, as 21:20 and 25 inform us. Elijah had been the instrument which God used to demonstrate that His is the only powerful, living God. Yet, Ahab did not have enough faith to follow God.

God allowed other nations to gain strength and become Israel and Judah's enemies. During the next two centuries, three enemies threatened both of them-Aram, Assyria, and Babylon.

Wiersbe's Expository Outlines on the Old Testament  shows us Ahab's defense:  
  1. The challenge (verses 1-12)
  2. The conquest (verses 13-30)
  3. The compromise (verse 31-43).
When we are surrounded at work or in our family by those who choose to not honor nor serve God, are we remaining faithful to God? Will we lift up Jesus instead of lowering our standards to their level?


The challenge Ahab faced was with the king of Syria and his vast army, assisted by 32 other kings,  threatened Samaria. His messengers asked for King Ahab's wealth and family, to which he agreed to obey. What!! You sorry king! You gave up your family without a fight? You experienced the mighty power God at Mt. Carmel, so why not pray to Him to give you victory?

When the invaders asked for the privilege of looting his palace, Ahab refused. Looks like we know what is most important to this codger. If only Ahab had been walking with the Lord, then he could have turned his problem over to Him, but Baal was unable to deliver the king.

What is our priority? Is God's Word and His ways, or our own? Are we so deep in debt that w have to spend al time working with no time spent worshiping?


Stand up for Jesus.

Defend His Truth.

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