Monday, August 8, 2016

Burlap and Rope

O. T. #807  "Burlap and Rope"
August 8, 2016
1 Kings 20-Part 3
So they put on burlap and ropes, and they went to the king of Israel and begged...
1 Kings 20:31


I find it funny that burlap has become a popular material in decorations, even at weddings. Why, when I was a kid, feed for the hogs and cows came in bagged in burlap, which was a humble means. It was considered anything but decorative back then. It is used in today's story in order to deceive the king.

After being defeated by Israel's God, the Syrians planned another invasion the nest spring, as a prophet warned King Ahab. Due to the defeat, the Syrians thought Israel's God could win in the hills, but not win in the valleys or plains. So that was their strategy, which failed. God gave a second victory to Israel as they killed 100,000 Arameans and a wall fell upon 27,000 killing them, also.

Benhadad's officers suggested to the Syrian king that they put burlap around their waists and rope on their heads, pretending to repent and humble themselves before proud Ahab. Their scheme worked, for Ahab was led into a wicked compromise with the enemy, as Satan does often. so the two kings made a covenant of peace, allowing Benhadad to live, which was in direct disobedience to the Word of God. Ahab is later killed on the battlefield in 22:35.

Are we easily deceived? Do we compromise God's Word?


An anonymous prophet met King Ahab, with a drama portraying  a story of a soldier who allowed a  prisoner to escape. The prophet was able to get King Ahab to confess his own guilt and pass his own sentence, as the soldier. (Like Nathan did with David). Ahab would die along with many of his people because he refused to follow God's directions.
Hazael's words came true at the right time (19:15-17). God had given Ahab time to repent, showing mercy. Since Ahab spared Benhadad, his own life was required.

Do we know what God's Word says?
Micah 6:8 tells us what the Lord requires: to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.

In our everyday dealings, do we do justly?
Are we showing mercy?
Daily, do we walk humbly before our God?


                               ... of pride and walk humbly before my God.

                               ... of self profit and do justly my business dealings.

                               ... of revenge and show mercy.

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