Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Go Back To Go Forward

O. T. #804  "Go Back To Go Forward"
August 2, 2016
1 Kings 19-Part 6
Go back the same way you came... (verse 15)
Go on back, but think about what I have done to you. (verse 20c) 


Go back the same way you came. Elijah had to travel back to the wilderness of Damascus. He had a new assignment-anoint two kings and a prophet. God was not finished with Elijah yet, he was still breathing and walking and talking. And so it is with us, friends. It's when we sit down under our juniper tree and have a pity party, like Elijah had done, when we stay in a cave of despair, that we loose our focus-God. Sometimes we have to go back in our mind and spirit and let Him work through all those hurt emotions and hate. I have to forgive those who hurt me and allow Jesus to heal me.

The purpose of Elijah anointing these three was for them to be commissioned to destroy Baal worship in Israel. Later in 2 Kings we will read of their success in achieving it through God's help. Actually, Elijah was not the one directly involved in commissioning the two kings, but Elisha was. In the process, Elijah was renewed a he immediately obeyed God.

Walking the second mile probably will not be on an easy, smooth road. Elijah needed a purpose to walk on, to continue walking by faith. God gave him one. It may be more than we can handle, but God wipes away the tears and gives us strength to go uphill when it is required. Let's not hammer in the peg and say that is as far as I am going. If we do, then it is us who misses out on the blessings.


What happens when Elijah finds Elisha?
  • Elisha plowing in a field with 12 yoke of oxen. Apparently Elisha's family was wealthy to have such a team of oxen in that day.
  • The name Elisha means my God is salvation.
  • As Elisha passed by Elijah during his work, Elijah threw his mantle upon him.
  • A mantle or cloak was the most important article of clothing a person owned. It was used a protection against the weather, as bedding, as a place to sit, and as luggage. t could be given as a pledge for a debt or torn into pieces to show grief. Elijah put his mantle upon Elisha's shoulders to show he would become Elijah's successor. (Life Application Study Bible)
  • Elisha asked Elijah permission to return to his parents to say good bye and then return to follow Elijah. Elijah agreed to allow Elisha to go back, but asked Elisha to think about what he had done to Elisha.
  • Elisha returned and killed his team of oxen as a symbol of his strong commitment to follow Elijah. The wood of the plow was used to build a fire to roast the meat. He passed around the meat to the townspeople, and they all ate.
  • Then he went with Elijah as his assistant.
Elijah did not allow any earthly affection, such as parents, to detain him from obedience. Elisha recognized his call, and wished to make that call known to his family an friends by a farewell feast. Then he assumed his new role as a prophet-in-training.

What sacrifices are we willing to make that Jesus may require in order to follow Him? Do we put stipulations on our obedience? Only if it doesn't hurt, require my moving away, if it is something I enjoy doing, nor isn't humiliating? I ask myself those questions in  my spiritual assessment.

Deny yourself, Linda, by taking up your cross, and following Me wherever and through whatever. There it is: So I have to go back and walk through those valleys of pain in order to get healed; to die to my hurts and jealous and pride and desires and take up those  which Jesus has for me as He throws the mantle across my shoulders.
What about you, dear one? Are you willing to join us as we go back so we can go forward? Brokenness become healed.


Go back...
Take up....
Follow Jesus...

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