Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Snatched Away From a Pity Party

O. T. #813  "Snatched  Away From a Pity Party"
August 16, 2016
Summary of 1 Kings


Today, we are wrapping up First Kings. What did you learn? I have learned by reading this book that even kings and prophets fall into sin, doubt, but God...
So I have encouragement that when I am having a pity party of one, in a pit of sin or despair, or under my juniper tree, God can and does snatch me away with His loving hand. He picks me up, dusts off all that depravity and self-pity, and walks with me along the rode of faith once again.
Thank you friends for not giving up on me either.

This book opened with David being in his 70's. He appointed son Solomon as his replacement as king of Israel. However, another son, Adonijah, proclaimed himself as king, causing a rebellion, which was later resolved by Solomon. Solomon was God's appointed king over Israel. Earlier, David had collected materials for building the Temple of God, but was not allowed to construct it, since he was a man of war.

1 Chronicles 29:28 describes David's life: He died at a ripe old age, having enjoyed long life, wealth, and honor.

Solomon is remembered as the wisest and wealthiest man, with a mighty army during his time. When God asked him his greatest desire, Solomon's answer was to help his people, so God gave him wisdom and knowledge to do such, in addition to wealth, riches, and fame as no other king has had before or since. Solomon composed 3,000 proverbs and 1,005 songs, according to 4:32. So we enjoy his God given gift today. (Let me insert that his downfall was marrying foreign women.)

Also, he built a magnificent Temple for the Lord, where the Israelite sacrificial system was active. He used gold, silver, and bronze on the articles inside. His king's palace was something else. Eve midst all of that splendor, Solomon remained faithful to worshiping only God.

At the dedication of the Temple, Solomon declared, God is good! His faithful love endures   forever.  (2 Chronicles 7:3, which is a history book.)

We are reminded by Paul in his letter to the Romans (chapter 9), that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ-not trouble, calamity, persecution, hunger, destitution, danger, or threat of death, angels, demons, fears for today or worries for tomorrow, powers of hell, no power in the sky, on the earth, nor any creature.

It is our unconfessed sins that breaks our relationship with God. So if when we need reassured that we are loved, we should look inside and find the sin which separates and causes our doubt of being loved by God loved.


By chapter 12, we read of Israel becoming a divided kingdom, with the 10 northern tribes remaining united and 2 southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin being a separate nation. It was difficult to follow the kings and their reigning over both kingdoms due to the Word skipping back and forth between the two. Some were good, some were bad, in that they either remained faithful to worship God or they turned to idol worship.

An example is Jeroboam, who led Israel into idolatry by chapter 12. Six kings are listed, beginning with Nadab and ending with Ahab, and all did evil. There was a total of 8 dynasties of Israel an 5 kings of Judah.
Asa and his son Jehoshaphat were good kings, ridding Judah of idols and reinstalling worship of God.

God sent the prophet Elijah to reveal to all of Israel and King Ahab that he is Almighty and the Most High God. It was  accomplished through the use of 3 1/2 year drought and the showdown at Mt. Carmel where God's fire consumed Elijah's sacrifice on the wooden altar after being drenched completely with water and the trench. Yet, Ahab did not turn to God, but allowed his wife Jezebel to threaten the prophet's life. Both Ahab's blood and Jezebel's blood were licked up by dogs, as previously predicted. They went to the dogs alright. Leading Israel away from God as he reigned 22 years.

We journeyed with Elijah through the wilderness to his juniper tree and cave, then to anoint Elisha some 200 miles away. He wasn't the only one serving God, for he was among 7,000 others.
We leave the two kingdoms still divided. What is to come are more kings and their influences upon God's people, minor prophets used to predict and proclaim God, and an enemy nation to capture them for judgment to bring repentance.

So stay with me, dear ones. We have more to learn about our God.
If Go can bring Elijah out of his depression and fear, he can do the same for us.
Give thanks to the Lord, for His love never ends.
He is the God of wonders, holy, righteous, and sovereign.


Thank You Jesus for crashing my pity party.

I am grateful that You do not give up on me, but restore me.

Keep me in Your will, doing it Your way and for Your glory.

Father, bless us all with faith and love in Jesus Christ overflowing today.

Protect us as we face the challenges of living in this world.

And if anyone is still under their juniper tree, snatch them away, Lord.


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