Thursday, January 28, 2016

Only One Touch

O. T. #684  "Only One Touch"
January 28, 2016
2 Samuel 6-Part 2
...the oxen stumbled  and Uzzah reached out his hand and steadied the Ark of God. 
2 Samuel 6:6


There are times that one touch can bring us love, peace, and assurance. On the other hand, one wrong touch inappropriate can be the beginning of a downward spiral into sin. We must be constantly be aware of what we are doing and how it effects others and our witness. It was only one touch of a man in today's lesson that caused his death.

The Ark of God was Israel's national treasure and was ordinarily kept in he tabernacle. However, it had been gone some 50 years. It was at Abinadab's house 20 of those years. David realized God had blessed Abinadab, he wanted to bring it home in Jerusalem so his nation could be blessed.

What happened?
  • David got 30,000 of his elite troops together and he led them to pick up the Ark of God.
  • They put the Ark on a new cart to transport it.
  • Abinadab's two sons were guiding the cart as it left their house.
  • Ahio was walking in front of the procession.
  • David and all the people of Israel were celebrating before the Lord by singing songs and playing instruments.
  • The oxen pulling the cart stumbled and one of the men, Uzzah, reached out and steadied the Ark of God.
  • Uzzah was struck dead by God because the LORD was angered that he did such a thing.
Can you feel and hear the excitement in the air among the Israelites? It was a 10 mile march up to the house where the Ark was being kept.

There was the sound of music and there was the delight of obedience beating in the heart of David. (Swindoll)

The Philistines had used a cart to transport the Ark (1 Sam. 6:7), but they were not under the covenant with God as Israel was. What is permissible for one may not be for God's child. God had given instructions to Mosses many years earlier. Only the Levite priests were allowed to move it, using golden poles through the rings and upon their shoulders. (Numbers 3 and 4, and Exodus 25)

Have you heard folks say, "It doesn't matter what you do, just do something, even if it's wrong?"
They have it all wrong. We should nothing until it's right, and then do it with all your might, as Swindoll advises.

David's first mistake concerning this matter was to not consult the Lord. Instead, he consulted his political leaders (1 Chron. 13). It seems that instead of David being intent on glorifying the Lord, he was more motivated to unify the nation. His next mistake was to ignore God's Word. If only David had found out God's way of moving the Ark, then the life of one man would have been spared. If only. What things might be prevented if we had consult the Lord first?

Do we conform to this world? Christians are told in Romans 12:2 to not be, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This is needful daily, and perhaps hourly.


David was king and the decision maker. He knew that in order for the people to worship, they needed the Ark of the Covenant. In order to get it down the hill from the home of Abinadab, the quickest and best way to do it was on a cart. After all, the Philistines had used one.

The mood of the procession quickly changed when one man did one thing-Uzzah touched the Ark of God. What's wrong with that? He was only trying to keep it from falling off the cart.The judgment of God resulted in this one act. The reason was that this sacred, gold object which represented God's presence, was so special to God. He was in the midst of His children there. (I wonder if Jesus sat upon the Mercy Seat as they brought their offerings to Him.) No one was to touch the Ark. It was not an ordinary wooden box.

Touching the Ark was in direct violation of God's law and was to result in death (Num. 4:15). This was a means of preserving God's holiness and the fear of drawing near to Him without appropriate preparation.  (MacArthur)

Uzzah's act was innocent and of good intention, but it was without proper regard for the awesome and holy presence of Yahweh represented by the Ark. (Falwell)

Do we touch things we are not supposed to be involved in as a Christian? Are we touching the lives of others with love of Jesus? Are we carrying the message of Jesus' salvation upon our shoulders to a lost world? Are we asking God what He wants us to do before we jump in and do it?


Turn to God and His Word for directions before I do something questionable.


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