Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Wooden Chest

O. T. #683  "A Wooden Chest"
January 27, 2016
2 Samuel bring up from thence the ark of God.  2 Samuel 6:2


I have a small wooden box, or chest, on my shelf is  precious to me. Oh, it looks like just an ordinary one, nothing fancy or gold laden, but it belonged to my Dad. He kept what few earthly things he had that were precious to him, inside it. I think that Mom gave it to him, so that is special  and important to me. My siblings have the contents, but I have the chest. David felt the same way toward a much larger wooden chest, the Ark of the Covenant, yet he didn't possess it. Shall we learn more about this chest?

For nearly 50 years, the Ark of the Covenant had remained at Kirjath-jearim (1 Samuel 6:21-7:2). This was after the Philistines had captured it and decided to return the Ark. In Psalm 132:1-6, David made a vow sealed by an oath to the Lord. He is intent upon honoring the Lord by returning the Ark to Jerusalem. Therefore, David prepared a special tent for it there in Jerusalem. It took 3 months for this task to be accomplished. We will get into that tomorrow.

I found some detailed information about the Ark in Charles Swindoll's book, David, A Story of Passion & Destiny:
  • This box or chest was made of wood, rectangular in shape, gold-plated inside and out. It had a decorative gold border around it, forming a rim.
  • On top was the Mercy Seat made of gold. On either end was a hammered gold cherubim (meaning angel). They faced each other, with wings outstretched over the golden grate. Apparently each one was small because solid gold would have made it top heavy and awkward to carry.
  • Inside was 3 objects: a golden jar containing manna from the wilderness, Aaron's ancient rod, and the tablets of stone.
  • At the base of the 4 corners of the Ark was a fixed ring of gold, so the gold-plated poles could slip through for the Levites to carry it on their shoulders. This was God's specific instructions for transporting the Ark.
Upon that box shone the glory of God over the golden grate, top, this Mercy Seat. This piece of furniture in the tabernacle was set apart to God. Every aspect of the Israelite worship was important to God.

Are we respecting God's house of worship were we go to give Him the glory as our Creator and Savior? The Ark represented God's presence, so do we expect to bow before our God in our local house of worship and His sanctuary to find His presence? Do we take seriously His Word of instruction for us to follow?


This box was just a symbol, a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was made of gold, which speaks of His deity, and of wood, which speaks of His humanity. It was not two boxes; it was one box. It was both wooden and gold. Jesus is God, yet man. (J. Vernon McGee)

After a few skirmishes with the Philistines, the first thing on David's royal agenda was to restore the ark to its place of prominence within Israel.

In verse 1, I see the preparation David to bring the Ark home. He gathered 30,000 elite troops, marching together, with a purpose, a mission. It was only about a 10 mile hike for the armed men protecting  such precious cargo.

To what extent are we willing to go in order to carry out the will of God. Even if it requires a little bit of sacrificing, it is worth it after all. We will receive a blessing, too.


Whatever is required to sacrifice so I will do the will of God, give it.

Be willing to go the second mile with others because of love.

Worship God in spirit and in truth in His house of worship.

* It is sweet that the Lord brought this to my mind since today for Dad would have been 94 on his birthday today. Time to get the old chest down for remembrance of him.

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