Monday, January 25, 2016

A New Palace

O. T. #681  "A New Palace"
January 25, 2916
2 Samuel 5-Part 4
...and they built David a new palace.  2 Samuel 5:11 NLT


We spent many years of the 17 years we were gone away from here living in apartments, rent houses, and parsonages. Although they became our home, they just were not ours to do as we pleased. One day, we'd like to have a new house. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed living 9 years in the house in which I grew up. However, it is too small to have overnight guests and family visiting. Also, we are at the age that we need two bathrooms. It has met our needs well and I am grateful to my parents for their gift. It would be quite difficult to give up, but maybe she can provide for another family the comfort they need, too. Today we read where David was built a new palace as king. You will never guess who helped build it. Who wouldn't love to have a new palace to live in today?

David had spent about 12 years on the run from King Saul. Then he became king over Judah, the southern region of the nation of Israel, reigning 7 1/2 years. Now David is established as king of Israel, the northern section of the nation of  God's nation. Not only was David established as king, but he was exalted, having been chosen by God.

David's accomplishments were outstanding during the 33 years in Jerusalem.
According to Charles Swindoll's book David, he:
  • spread the territory of Israel from 6,000 to 60,000 square miles;
  • set up extensive trade routes that reached throughout the known world;
  • from that, wealth came into Israel like the nation had never known before;
  • unified the nation under Jehovah God, creating a national interest in spiritual things;
  • destroyed the idol altars;
  • was a remarkable man, a brilliant organizer, manager, planner, and battlefield leader.
What are our accomplishments for the Lord Jesus? Are we bringing others to Him?


Can you guess who helped build David a brand new palace to live in as king of Israel? It was a foreigner.

King Hiram was the first international king to recognize David as the leader of Israel. Tyre was dependent on Israel for much of its food and for its inland trade routes. Later on, Hiram (possibly the son of this Hiram) supplied cedar for building the temple (1 Kings 5:1-18). (D. Jeremiah)

Not only did King Hiram send cedar timber, but he also send stonemasons and carpenters to build David a palace. So David got a new house in which to live. Aren't we happy for him, after all the years he didn't have one?

What did David realize, mentioned in verse 12? He realized that the LORD had confirmed him as king over Israel and had greatly blessed his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.

What better note can we end on today? To have the confirmation that we are in God's will and being blessed while we serve Him in it.

Dear ones, keep on faithfully serving our Lord Jesus until He calls us home or He comes back to earth as King Jesus to reign. Either way, we will be with Him. How glorious that will be! And we will have a new home, too!


Be content to live wherever God sends and provides.

Faithfully serve Him in my neighborhood and world.

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