Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Caught Up in The Mix Up

O. T. #682 "Caught Up in The Mix Up"
January 26, 2016
2 Samuel 5-Part 5
After he arrived from Hebron, David took...  2 Samuel 5:13


Never would I have thought that I would see such unusual types of so called "families" in our society. I don't need to list them here. You can name some. We probably have some in our own extended families. I know I do. And it saddens me because the children involved are so mixed up as to what is to be the norm for a normal family or God's standard for the family. Genesis describes marriage between one man and one woman, not alike nor several at a time. David was caught up in the mix up, too.

David moved into his brand spanking new palace in Jerusalem, known as the City of David and Zion. Along with him came his wives and many concubines, according to verse 13. Why are the name of his sons born there? After all, God does not approve of polygamy. God our Creator established guidelines for us to live by, resulting in happiness and blessings. Two among those sons born in Jerusalem to David were Nathan and Solomon.

Although David sincerely sought after the God, he had weaknesses like any other person. One of his weaknesses was his desire for many wives. Sadly, the children born to these wives caused David and his kingdom much grief. (Life Application Study Bible)

The multiplication of David's wives and concubines was in direct violation of Deuteronomy 17:7. These marriages probably reflected David's involvement in international treaties and alliances that were sealed by the marriage of a king's daughter to the other participants in the treaty. (The MacArthur Bible Commentary)

Today's society is getting so mixed up in the matter of the family. There are children who have more than one set of parents and grandparents plus siblings. Some children have a family that is not according to God's Word, with queers establishing themselves as parents. These poor children are growing up so mixed up. What are we teaching our children?


There were two sons among the list found here which may be familiar. Solomon became king of Israel, although it split during his reign and Babylon captured Israel. He is noted as being the richest and wisest man during that time. He followed in his father's example and sadly enough Solomon had many wives. However, in his lineage came Joseph, Mary's husband and influenced Jesus during his childhood.

Through Nathan's line came Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ received the blood line and the legal title to the throne of David through Nathan and Solomon. That is why this information is recorded for us here.  (J.Vernon McGee)

We may not know who and what God will use for His honor in our life and our family. Are we upholding the Word of God to others? There just might be a wise man or rich man in our lineage, but will they be a godly man?


Keep holding up the standards found in the Word of God to apply in my family and society.

Let go of the past and hold onto faith in the present and future.


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