Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Showing Kindness

O. T. #669  "Showing Kindness"
January 5, 2016
2 Samuel 2-Part 3


It is never out of style to show kindness. Saying thank you goes a long way, too. Sometimes it isn't what you say, but stopping to listen to someone that is he kind gesture. It may be the only personal touch of love that person gets today.

So David and his people moved into Hebron as God directed, and ruled there for 7 1/2 years as their king. He was coming back home to his family roots, the tribe of Judah.This was only a section of Judah, though. We could describe those years as his being humbly and patiently waiting upon God's timing for his kingdom to expand. Although he was limited in his reign, David doesn't complain.

Life Application Study Bible  and The MacArthur Bible Commentary give us some information about this city:
  • This was the largest city at that time, so later on David made it his capital.
  • Hebron was centrally located in Judah and the highest elevation of any town in Judah.
  • Many key trade routes converged at Hebron, making it difficult for supply lines to be cut of in wartime.
  • Hebron was located about 20 miles south southwest of Jerusalem.
  • Abraham had live there and Caleb was given the land when the tribes of Israel distributed their Promised Land.
  • Since David's anointing as king had previously been a private matter with only Priest Samuel and David's family in attendance, the men of Judah publicly anointed him as their king.(v. 4)
David had waited 12-15 years for his moment. Everyone knew about it, even the Philistines. Can you imagine knowing something was going to happen to you and waiting that long for it come to pass?

It is important to determine the will of God before any action is taken. David's public anointing as king would be an opportunity for other tribes to align themselves with David. (Falwell)


David sent messengers to the men of Jabesh-gilead who had cremated and buried Saul. What was the complimentary message in verses 5-7?
  • May the LORD bless you for being so loyal and showing kindness to your master, Saul.
  • May the LORD show His kindness and truth by rewarding you with his unfailing love in return.
  • David said he would reward them for what they had done, also.
  • He asks them to be strong and loyal subjects like the people of Judah, who anointed him as their king.
David is thanking those men for their kindness in recovering the dead bodies of Saul and Jonathan  from the Philistines and taking care of them. He is asking them to join him and the people of Judah so they present a united front to their enemies. David is calling them to a political unity under God and asking them for support as king.

Do we express thankfulness to those who do good deeds in the kingdom work? Are we showing kindness to those who are our teachers and preachers of the Word of God?


Be a faithful servant of God.

Show His kindness and appreciation to others.

Determine God's will each day for my life and be obedient to wait or carry it out as He leads.

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