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Revenge Can Be Deadly

O. T. #675 "Revenge Can Be Deadly"
January 13, 2016
2 Samuel 3-Part 3
So Abner died in revenge for the death of Asahel, Joab's brother.  2 Samuel 3:27b HCSB


Just for review: Abner, who had been Saul's general in his army, made Ishbosheth king over Israel after Saul died. Abner had killed one of Joab's brothers (Asahel) in self-defence. David served as king of Judah during 7 1/2 years.  Then a crazy thing happened-Ishbosheth accused Abner of taking his concubine, which symbolized Abner's desire to take over his kingdom and a traitor, in those days. During Abner's anger, he devised a plan to give David Israel. He even went to David about it, telling him all that was in the works.Of course David was accepting it all. David let Abner be free to return home, but he was encountered along the way by Joab, Asahel's brother. Joab pulled Abner aside like he wanted to talk. Instead, Joab killed Abner, the same way he had killed his brother-stabbing him in the stomach.

What a mess. Jealousy, anger, revenge all lead to no good. They can lead us down the wrong path where we do and say things we often live to regret. They can be deadly, also. Every day we hear in the news was such matters in our neighborhood, state, nation, and world. Are we nipping it n the bud, before it leads to worse sins?


David did not know what Joab was doing to Abner. Joab had killed Abner in Hebron, a city of refuge (Joshua 20:7)where Abner should have been safe from an avenger (Numbers 35:22-25). Joab did not care and he did as he pleased. (Life Application Study Bible)

Looking at verse 29, we read of David saying that Joab's descendants would be unclean, unhealthy, and in want. Why was David so harsh?
  • David was grieved over the loss of a skilled military officer.
  • He wanted to place the guilt of Abner's murder on Joab, not himself.
  • He was on the verge of becoming king over the entire nation, and utilizing Abner was the key to winning over the northern tribes. Abner's death could have revived the civil war.
  • Joab violated David's agreement to protect Abner. Joab's murderous act ruined David's plans, and David was especially angry that his own commander had committed the crime.(LASB)
Abner was honored with a funeral procession. David ordered Joab to mourn with his people. Maybe others did not know what had happened so David was trying to prevent any more trouble. If it was so, David would not have been thinking about justice but strengthening his kingdom.

David told his soldiers that a great leader had fallen in Israel that day. We have had leaders in our nation who have passed on, also.

Whew! I am glad that is over; but wait, there is another assassination coming in the next chapter.

What can we learn from all of this? We should leave justice to God allowing Him to be the One to take revenge for us. (Romans 12:19) We should not rejoice when our enemy suffers. When we seek revenge on our own terms, we loose peace of mind and lessen the chances of peace with them.


Be aware of my wrong attitudes towards others.

Confess my sins and ask for love for my enemies.

Recognize those wrong attitudes in other people so I can help them over come them.


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