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A New King in All of Israel

O. T. #679  "A New King in All of Israel"
January 20, 2016
2 Samuel 5
And they anointed him king of all Israel.  2 Samuel 5:3b


There's a new king in town. He was the shepherd boy that God chose to rule our nation. He is only 30 years old, but he seeks the Lord's will about things and follows the instructions by faith. So God gives him the victory. The new king of Israel is David. Wouldn't that be a great story in the newspaper or on the nightly news? It won't be long until America has a new president. I wonder who it will be. Pray with me that it will be the one God choses for us.

There was no one left in King Saul's family to take over as king of Israel's northern territory, to succeed or claim the throne. Mephibosheth was a crippled child and Jonathan's son, but he did not qualify. It is about time they recognized David was God's anointed choice as their king. He had served 7 1/2 years as king over Judah, the southern section of this nation. Civil war was coming to an end.

Look at verses 1-5. Did you notice that the word all? In this verse, the Hebrew meaning for the word  all  means any, every, altogether. (There are 6 pages in Strong's Exhausted Concordance listing the Old Testament passages which contain the word all.)

Who were the all that is spoken of in these 5 verses?
  • all the tribes of Israel (verse 1)
  • al the elders of Israel (verse 3)
  • all Israel and Judah (verse 5).
All of the tribes of Israel came to David in Hebron. They recalled David had served as a leader in Saul's army. There is a figurative application of David feeding God's people of Israel and being their captain. He was called to shepherd God's flock and be their leader.

All the elders of Israel came to King David in Hebron. Her made a league, covenant, with them. so they anointed David as king over Israel. This is the third time David was anointed-by Samuel. the people of Judah, and now the rest of the tribes. David was 30 years old when he began to reign and he reigned 40 years.

Liberty Bible Commentary informs us that the word anointed (mashach in Hebrew) corresponds to the English words "Messiah" and "Christ."

Is Jesus your Good Shepherd? Who is our king? Is it King Jesus? One day He will rule as king over all the earth for 1,000 years. Are you ready to bow before your King? Does your King have all of you? Have we surrendered our all to Him?


Before David goes to Jerusalem to capture the city from the Jebusites (Canaanites), let's see how he prepared.

The One Year Chronological Bible (NLT) jumps to 1 Chronicles 11 and 12. There we find out that David had 120,000 troops armed with every kind of weapon join his army. Israel had a big party which lasted for three days. There was great joy throughout the land of Israel.

When the Philistines heard the latest news, they were determined to capture David. He got wind of this some how and then asked the Lord what he should do. God told David to go fight them, for he would be victorious. And it was so. David captured Jerusalem and the Philistines' idols and burnt them.

Jerusalem is the one city mentioned the most in the Bible. It is located in the northern land of Benjamin. It was an excellent location for a fortified city, since it was on a hill surrounded by deep valleys on three sides. It had a good water supply and was close to travel routes for trade. Neither Judah nor Benjamin tribes were  able to keep possession of Jerusalem.

After a while, the Philistines went to the valley of Rephaim to conquer the Israelites. God gave specific instructions to David as to his procedures in the battle-don't attack them head on, but circle them. When David heard the sound of marching feet in the tree tops, it was a signal that the Lord was moving ahead of them to strike down the Philistines. God gave the victory.

1 Chronicles 14:17 tells us so David's fame spread everywhere, and the LORD caused all the nations to fear David.

Do we seek the Lord's will before we go into a spiritual battle. He has the right technique for our victory? Do follow those directions when we receive them? Are we living by faith or by sight? Following God by faith pleases Him. He can do great things for us if only we ask and obey.


Ask for God's will before I jump in a situation.

Obey His leading and instructions.

Watch for His victory and give God the glory for it.

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