Tuesday, January 19, 2016

At Death's Door

O. T. #678  "At Death's Door"
January 19, 2016
2 Samuel 4-Part 3
As the LORD liveth, who hath redeemed my soul out of all my adversity.  2 Samuel 4:9


The second time I was at death's door followed a colonoscopy test. My sodium and potassium were on the verge of being depleted. (They keep the heart beating.) God in His mercy rescued/redeemed me with several IV's in my arm at the hospital. Certainly, I am thankful for Him. Do you have a Redeemer?

Two men brought to David the head of King Ishbosheth, king of Israel. They were expecting a reward for such a feet. However, David was not willing to give them anything but the sentence of death for their act of murder. Unbeknown to them, they were at death's door. Although they had removed David's last obstacle hindering him from being king over both Israel and Judah, he was not pleased with the way it was obtained.

David recognized God as having redeemed him during those 12 years that Saul hunted him with the intent of killing David.

Redeemed in the Hebrew language means to buy back something that has been given up or sold out. This is an extremely important theological term in both the Old Testament and New Testament. The Bible is in one sense a history of redemption. In the New Testament it is the death of Jesus Christ upon the cross that is the price for buying us back from the certain condemnation and destruction of our sins. The Old Testament shows that God is always working to accomplish the redemption of His people.  (Liberty Bible Commentary)

Others in the Bible have written about their Redeemer:
  • Job in Job 19:25,
  • David in Psalm 19:14,
  • the children of Ephraim, written by David in Psalm 78:35, and
  • Isaiah in chapters 41-63.
Jesus is my Blessed Redeemer, as Third Day sings about. Is He your Redeemer? You may encounter people today who need  this Redeemer as their own, although they just may not realize it today. Will we point them to Him and tell them about Him?


David did not reward such a murderous action since it was forbidden by God. However, cold-blooded murder was not acceptable by God and David delivered the death penalty.

As this is the year of our presidential election, do we consider candidates who support the Biblical principles that God has provide for us to live by?


Tell others about our Blessed Redeemer.

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