Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tearing Down Walls

O. T. #680  "Tearing Down Walls"
January 21, 2016
2 Samuel 5-Part 2
David made the fortress his home, and that is why it is called the City of David. He extended the city from the supporting terraces to the surrounding area, while Joab rebuilt the rest of Jerusalem.  2 Samuel 5:7-8


Before we moved into our house, we had to tear down one wall and replace it in our bedroom. Since we were doing that, we replaced the floor, also. I now realize that because people have deeply hurt me throughout the years, I built up walls in my life. That was not going to happen again. I would keep my distance, not become close to others. Let me tell you, that can be a lonely life-no friends. We were meant to not be isolated in our relationships, but have loving relationships. David had to penetrate Jerusalem, though it wasn't through the walls, but another way at first.

The Jebusites, who were the original inhabitants of the land, were living in Jerusalem. They taunted David by saying their blind and lame could keep him out of their city. They thought they were safe, but they did not consider that David's God ,who anointed him as king over all of Israel, was all powerful.

The Jebusites had a clear military advantage, and they boasted of their security behind the impregnable walls of Jerusalem also called Zion. But they soon discovered that their walls would not protect them. (Life Application Study Bible)

David's plan was to enter the city through its water tunnel.  This citadel was Jerusalem's weakest point, called the gutter.

Liberty Bible Commentary explains: The meaning of this word was unknown until the early party of the last century (1900's) when Warren discovered a shaft forty feet deep connecting to a water tunnel that led outside the walls to a water supply used in siege.

Our relationship with God is our only safety and security for our life. Anything else is a false security. Do we think that the mighty walls that surround us will protect us-walls of stone, a comfortable home, a secure job? These can be broken down or taken away from us. God is the only security which cannot be taken away from us. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

In what do we put our security and trust? The devil know where our weakest point is in our life? Is he attacking you there, over and over again? Turn to God and His word for help.


David's troops were successful in capturing Mount Zion and became his fort. Then conquering the city of Jerusalem. It became the capital of Israel and known as the city of David. It was near Mount Zion where the temple of Jewish worship was built. Israel built David a palace there and he reigned as king of Israel for 33 years.

Jerusalem is destined to become more than the capital city of a short-lived empire. It will become the Holy City, the center of worship for the Jews, and the city of the death, and resurrection, of Jesus. (Illustrated Bible Handbook by Lawrence O. Richards)

Jerusalem will be the greatest city of the world one day when Jesus comes to reign as its King. All hail King Jesus! We will later live in the New Jerusalem, too. How exciting it will be. We don't want any of our loved ones to miss out, do we? So let's get them ready to be a citizen there by telling them about Jesus, the Savior of the world.
Do we have walls built up in our life so people can not get in to hurt or even love us?


Tear down the walls that I have built to protect myself form hurts.

Love people to Jesus.

Surrender to Jesus as my King today.

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