Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What Have I Done Now?

O. T. #613  "What Have I Done Now?"
October 13, 2015
1 Samuel 17-Part 3
And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?   1 Samuel 17:29


Have you ever had a day that it didn't matter what you did or said a person was going to snap your head off anyway? And you wonder, what have I done now? That seemed to be how David's day was going since he arrived at the frontline with his brothers.

David, the youngest of 8 sons of Jesse, was sent by their father to take provisions to his brothers on the front line, and find out the situation. David saw Goliath for the first time and heard his challenge to Israel-send a man down to me to fight.

David asked who was the uncircumcised Philistine that defied the armies of the living God? (Whichever man won the battle signified their god was victoriously supreme god/God.)

Then the "older brother" syndrome showed itself in Eliab, David's oldest brother:
  • had an anger which burned against David (Was jealousy of David being chosen king over him the cause?);
  • asked why David came down there;
  • asked who David left the handful of sheep with in the wilderness;
  • stated that he knew David's motive for coming was to see the battle, better yet, to be seen in the battle.
David was misunderstood and falsely accused by his big brother. David didn't waste his energy fighting with his brother. Did he know who to fight and who to leave alone!

We need to choose our battles wisely. If we don't watch it, all our battles will be fought among fellow members of the family of God. Meanwhile, the real enemy of our souls roams around our territory winning victory after victory. (Swindoll)

Who is our enemy? Not each other. Our real enemy is a giant with a "S" on his shirt-Satan. He lies, causes disagreements, selfishness, pride, jealousy, divisions, hurts us, tries to destroy us, etc.


What have I done now? Can't I even speak? There's nothing wrong with asking, is there?
David, David, it's not you, but your brother.

Sometimes we can't win for loosing, can we? Have you found that it doesn't matter what we say or don't say, the other person will disagree, accuse, discourage, or ignore us?

Then David turned away to someone else and brought up the same matter, and the men answered him as before. What David said was overheard and reported to Saul, and Saul sent for him.

We are going to leave David there. A giant coming up the ravine and family accusing him.

At times like that where do we turn? Is our faith in the Lord Jesus strong enough to withstand such perils?


"Let the wind blow," I say, when people are mess'n with me.

Trust in God, who is bigger than any giant in my life.

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