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Fair Weathered Friends

O. T. #619  "Fair Weathered Friends"
1 Samuel 18
October 21, 2015
They have ascribed unto David ten thousands, and to me they have ascribed but thousands...
 1 Samuel 18:8


If you live long enough, you'll have some fair-weathered friends. Your friendship keeps the phone lines hot (if cell phones have such) for a while. Then something happens and you find out they back-stabbed you with their words, lied to your face, and your friendship grows cold. Yep, had a few of those. It hurts, too. You forgive them, but keep them at arm's length, so they don't hurt you again. Saul and David had a good relationship until something happened.

God's hand was on David. Ultimately, the Lord was going to use him as the greatest king in the history of Israel, but in order to do that, He had to break him and hone him and sharpen him, which included crushing him. David was about to enter the crucible of pain. Thankfully, he had no idea how excruciating the pain would be.  (Swindoll)

We see some things happening to David after he became the giant-killer:
  • Saul would not let David return to home to his sheep. (verse 2)
  • Whatever David was sent by Saul to do, he behaved himself wisely and was successful. (v. 5)
  • Saul set David over his army in high rank.
  • David was accepted in the sight of the people and Saul's servants.
The champion of champions was a loyal and submissive servant to the king. Whatever he did, David prospered at it. Four times in this chapter it is mentioned. What a guy! He did what God led him to do, submitted to authority, and God lifted him up above his peers. David is a king in the making.

Are we behaving our self wisely? Do we submit to authority God has set over us?

Things were going good for David and then... Saul got jealous. When David returned from his slaughtering the giant Philistine, the women came out of the cities singing and dancing with instruments of music. Great welcome from the battlefield. Except the women sang about Saul killing his thousands and David killing his ten thousands. That did it. Saul was very angry, comparing their credits. David was credited for a better hero.

We have to guard our self from being jealous of others, don't we?


We don't know how much time has passed between chapters 17 and 18. There must have been some time for a friendship to develop between David and Jonathan, King Saul's son. To describe their friendship, we read where their intimate friendship was like their souls were knit (to tie, bind, strong) together. They became close buds, blood brothers, best of friends, a kindred spirit. Do you recon God knew David was going to need such a friend to walk with him through the valley which was ahead of him?

Swindoll, in his book David, describes intimate friendship having 4 characteristics:
  1. They are willing to sacrifice, not stingy, assists, unselfish. (verse 4) Jonathan gave David his robe, armor, sword,bow, and belt. This prince of Israel realized he would not be the next king.
  2. They are a loyal defense before others. Jonathan defended his friend while rebuking his father (verses 4-5)
  3. They give each other complete freedom to be themselves. (20:41) You don't have to explain why you do what you do.
  4. They are a constant source of encouragement. (23:15-16) There was a hit man after David named Saul. When David is the lowest moment of his life, frightened, beleaguered, stumbling through the wilderness, Jonathan brings him encouragement. This was a wholesome, God-honoring relationship that God used in the lives of both men-and even in the future lives of their families. (Don't let people tarnish this friendship with the word homosexual. God would not have approved.)
Do you have one or two intimate friends? They are rare today and to be cherished. Having a close friend helps us face whatever comes our way, don't they? There are times we need their encouragement and support to keep us hanging in there.

Do  know any fair weathered friends-hot one day and cold the next, letting their words fly like a whirlwind against our back? Are we one?


Be a friend that is unselfish, loyal, gives space, and encourages.

Guard against jealousy.

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