Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tiny or Giant Faith

O. T. #614  "Tiny or Giant Faith"
October 14, 2015
1 Samuel 17-Part 4
David said moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. 1 Samuel 17:37a


Is your faith the size the seed of a mustard seed, tiny? Doesn't it start out small? Then the more we depend on God to work and experience Him working in our life, the bigger our faith in Him grows. Like the tiny mustard seed that grows into a tall plant, so our faith is intended to grow. How big is our faith-tiny or giant?  Is David's faith tiny or giant faith?

David was sent to the battle ground by his father to check up on his brothers and take them food. While there David heard and saw Giant Goliath, a Philistine, who issued a challenge for Israel to send a man to fight him. He had been taunting the Israeli army for 40 days. David started asking questions and his brother Eliab accused him of wanting to see a battle.

Now the focus is turned to David and Saul, who sent for David. David heard about the rewards the king offered to the man who killed the giant.
What happens next?
  • David offers to go kill the giant. (verse 32)
  • Boy, you don't have the size for it and besides, you're just a kid, look at that giant over there, was what King Saul meant in his reply to David.
  • Was David wondering what giant? God is the only giant in my life. Saul's giant is only a dwarf. My God is all-powerful. He isn't impressed with the externals, for God looks at the heart.
  • David describes to Saul how God had proved Himself faithful in the past when David slew a lion and a bear. (verse 37)
  • David caught the lion by its beard, hit it, and killed it, rescuing a lamb from its mouth.
  • David recognized his strength came from God and believed God could do the same again for David when confronting this giant. Let me at him.
Do you see how God prepared David for this day? His simple faith in God was simply enough.

Just as David tended his flock of sheep and protected them from the lion and bear, his new responsibility as shepherd over Israel required him to eliminate the threat of Goliath. David had wholehearted faith in the God of Israel.  (MacArthur)

Before he gained public prominence as Israel's champion and king, David learned humility and confidence in the Lord while out in the fields tending sheep, with no one but God watching. Only faithfulness in the small things prepares God's servants for greater service in His kingdom (Luke 16:10) (David Jeremiah)

We have to admire young David. He didn't let criticism stop him from doing God's will. (Even when those surrounding him were greatly afraid) David became a man on a mission. In his heart, David knew God's strength wasn't tiny, but giant.

What does it take for us to stop doing God's will in our life? What does it take to turn us away from our God? I hope the answer is nothing.


 Did you catch it again? David mentioned a second time that Goliath has defied the armies of the living God (verses 26 and 36).

Webster's Dictionary gives several definitions for the word defy:
  1. to challenge to combat
  2. to challenge to do something considered impossible-dare
  3. to confront with assured power of resistance-disregard
  4. to resist attempts at-withstand.
Oh my, did Goliath think of his dare for a little Israelite to fight him as an impossible feat for them to win? Goliath disregarded God's ways, all right. Yep, the challenge was on: tiny faith vs. giant faith.

 Friends, dare we defy our God, without a giant price to pay? When we trust God in our small things and He comes through for us, then surely we know we can trust Him with our giant things. Are we?
He can do it again.
Go catch a lion by its beard (figuratively, of course).


Remember how God has demolished my tiny problems and giant ones.

Keep my faith growing.

Stay in God's Word, praying.

I have a GIANT GOD!

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