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A Country Girl and a Shepherd Boy

O. T. #609 "A Country Girl and a Shepherd Boy"
October 6, 2015
1 Samuel 16-Part 4
Wherefore Saul sent messengers unto Jesse, and said, Send me David thy son, which is with the sheep.  1 Samuel 16:19


Ok, you have probably realized by now, if you have followed this blog for very long, that I am a country girl. Daughter of a cattle and poultry farmer, I still live in the country after all these years. And I love it! I have lived in big cities, which I so desperately wanted, only to realize that was not where my heart is. There is nothing like a brisk walk in the fresh, cool, fall air on a quiet country road, singing to the Lord.
Then God opened the door of opportunity.
This country girl shared an insignificant part of my past, an unpleasant event that happened in my childhood, which I locked up behind a door in my mind, to not be share with anyone, let alone with over 100 females (and church members). Even though it was painful to share, God used my testimony to touch hearts at our Princess Retreat held at our church. I know of seven girls that were saved that day, and more are coming to know Christ as their Savior. I like to think I had a small part in hearts being changed.
David probably considered his life insignificant as he sang and played songs on his harp to sheep out in the fields. Yet God heard and had a plan. Shall we find out what it was?

We begin today's lesson with verse 14, which is a rather strange one. First, we knew the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul since we are told in verse 1 that God rejected Saul as reigning over Israel as king. Now we read that an evil spirit from the LORD troubled Saul. Do you see the progression? Saul rebelled, offering a sacrifice instead of waiting for Prophet Samuel to arrive to do so, then he was rejected, and an evil spirit came upon him.

Before the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost (Acts 2), the Spirit of God never permanently rested on any believer except David and John the Baptizer. those were the only two. It was not uncommon for the Spirit of God to come for a temporary period of strengthening or insight or whatever was the need of the moment and then to depart, only to return again for another surge of the need of the moment, then to depart, once again. However, at Pentecost and fro that time all the way through our present era, when the Spirit of God comes into the believing sinner at salvation, He never leaves. We remain sealed by the Spirit from that time on. (Eph. 4:30)  (Swindoll)

In the Commentary on the Old Testament, the authors Keil and Delitzsch suggest the evil spirit from Jehovah upon Saul:
  • wasn't merely an inward feeling of depression at the rejection, which grew into melancholy, and occasionally broke out in passing fits of insanity,
  • a higher evil power deprived him of peace of mind,
  • it stirred up the feelings, ideas, imagination, and thoughts of his soul to such an extent that at times it drove him even into madness.
  • The demon was sent as a punishment.
Falwell suggested that the evil spirit was evidently a mental affliction next to insanity and Saul was unable to function with it.

MacArthur says this spirit was a messenger from Satan, to be distinguished fro a troubled emotional state brought on by indwelling sin, or the harmful consequences of the sinful acts of others. This demon spirit attacked Saul from without, for there is no evidence that the demon indwelt Saul. He experienced depression, anger, delusion, initiated and aggravated by the evil spirit assigned to him.

As I read the rest of this chapter, I realize that God created a need in Saul's life that David could meet and would come to the king to learn how to be a future king.
From this I learn that I need to stay close to my God, obeying Him. I sure don't want to have such a thing happen to me. I'm sure you feel the same way.


Who wants to be around such a guy as what King Saul had become? His predicament was so visible to those around him that even his servant recognized that he needed help. What is suggested as help? Bring in a skillful player on the harp so Saul can be well.

So they sought him, this harpist, or whatever he is called, the one skillful on the harp. I wonder as the people heard of this request sent out from the palace needing a harpist for the king, if someone knew a fellow, who knew a guy, who is acquainted with David who plays soothing music.
"I know a guy who can do that," and word travels quickly.

Isn't God creative in His ways to carry out His sovereign plan? David's resume is found in verse 18. Listed first is a skillful musician, and last is that the LORD was with him. Hmm. Now we know that David had spent his whole live put in the fields of Judea. Although, his main audience was sheep. We don't even know if he played for the family on a Saturday night get together. David had not even met Saul, yet he is going to be Saul's replacement. What does God use to bring these two together but music.

Then David gets the message-the king wants to see you. He wasn't even told to bring his harp, the main reason for the visit. David's father gets excited and send along with him bread, a jug of wine, and a young goat as gifts for the king.

So don't discount anything in our past. God can use the most unusual things and abilities in the most incredible ways we may never have an inkling could be used for His purpose.

You never know when something that happened years ago will open a door of opportunity into the future. You may think some skill you learned or used years ago is lost, or that you've wasted all your time doing such and such, but don't you believe it. God can draw what may seem to be a most insignificant part of your past and put you in exactly the right place to use that particular gift or skill.(Swindoll)

And to think, a shepherd teen is summoned to appear before the king. That in itself is amazing. Of course, our God can do amazing things! Sweet friends, don't think you are insignificant in God's kingdom work. Hey, if He can use a shepherd boy and a country girl, He can use anyone to accomplish His purposes. We just need to be surrendered and faithful, ready to say," Yes, Lord."

Are we ready to be used by a king-King Jesus?

(Keep in mind, Samuel's anointing David as the next king of Israel was not announced, but kept in the family.)


Be willing to let God use me in whatever way He chooses.

Look for open doors of opportunity to serve Christ.

Watch Him work.

Trust the results to Him and give Him the glory.

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