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A Jealous Eye

O. T. #620  "A Jealous Eye"
October 22, 2015
1 Samuel 18-Part 2
What more can he get but the kingdom? And from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David. 1 Samuel 18:8b-9 NIV


That person got the promotion instead of us. There may not be a jealous bone in my body, but do I have a jealous eye? Am I happy for that person? Glad, happy? What? Well, God knew what was down the road and it wasn't the best thing for me. Hind sight is 20/20.  Maybe His best is coming. How am I dealing with it? How did David deal with it?

What phrase is mentioned four times in this chapter? "He prospered" is it.

Prospered is derived from the Hebrew word sakal. It can have two descriptive meanings-wise and discretion. A person who is wise, prospers, knows how to keep his mouth shut. (Prov. 10:19) When the wise person opens his mouth, he opens it with discretion (Prov. 21:11) This sakal person is teachable. David was like this. (Swindoll)

Do we guard our lips and keep a teachable spirit? Does promotion or recognition change us? Are we above criticism or no long need the input of others? Remaining positive and wise is our best reaction to an enemy. Who needs to practice this with me?


When the Israeli army men were returning home after the battle with the Philistines and the big fall of their giant champion by David, the women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul with singing and dancing. They sang joyfully, "Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands."
Saul was very angry; this refrain galled him, displeased him.
Angry in the Hebrew is the word charah, which means to burn within.
Displeased refers to inner turmoil.

Did Saul's stomach turn and churn? Did his face get red with anger resulting him to blow his stack? Did he think, "I've got a giant-killer who's gonna become a king-killer?"
Well, God had Saul's thoughts recorded here in our key verses. Aren't we glad that god doesn't record or thoughts, or is He? We are going to answer for them.

I found some good comments concerning this thing called jealousy.

With the Lord's authority removed from him, Saul's authority rested almost entirely on his military achievements. To maintain his position, he had to be recognized as the strongest man in the kingdom. The women's song sparked Saul's insane jealousy of David, marking the turning point in their relationship. From that day forward Saul would seek to remove David as a threat to the throne. (David Jeremiah)

Saul's appreciation for David turned to jealousy as people began to applaud David's exploits. In a jealous rage, Saul attempted to murder David by hurling his spear at him. Jealousy may not seem to be a major sin, but in reality, it is one step short of murder. Jealousy starts as you resent a rival; it leads to your wishing he or she were removed; then it manifests itself in your seeking ways to harm that person in word or action. Beware of letting jealousy get a foothold in your life.  (Life application Study Bible)

Did David deserve that kind of treatment from Saul? Hardly. David had served God, killed a giant, submitted himself to his superior, and behaved properly. Did Saul realize that God was on David's side and not his? It became more than he could handle.

We need to watch out for jealousy. It likes to raise its ugly head every now and then. Define it in a person when they make comments about someone or something leaning in that direction. (Ask: Do I detect a bit of jealousy here?) Help them to identify it, then the reason for such, and their need to remove it. If it isn't dealt with, well, the results can be devastating and critical.

Maybe we need to ask our self if there is anyone we are jealous of in our own life.


 ...of those thoughts that lead to jealousy. Ask myself why I am jealous. Don't let it develop into anger.

Keep my mouth shut more often. Listen, discern, speak wisely.

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