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What are Friends For?

O. T. #623  "What are Friends For?"
October 28, 2015
1 Samuel 19
And Jonathan brought David to Saul and he was in his presence, as in times past. 
1 Samuel 19:7b


As a friend, do you sacrifice your time to listen, defend them when others criticize, not judge, but encourage them when it is needed? David had such a friend in Jonathan. After all, what are friends for?

David kills Goliath the giant, enemy of Israel, and Saul the king of Israel wants to kill him. Who can figure? Saul must have been in one of his insane times when he put a contract out on David. Fortunately for David, he had an intimate friend, Jonathan, the king's son who interceded for him and a faithful wife who looked out for him. Saul did not try to disguise his evil intent for he made it known to those who backed David.

God, in His mercy, made sure that David had sympathetic ears within Saul's court to inform him of Saul's evil plans (19:7; 20:2)   (MacArthur)

Do you have a few intimate friends? They are those friends with whom you can share your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Charles Swindoll, in his book David, A Story of Passion and Destiny, explains:
Intimate friends are rare in life. Often we have only one, occasionally two...usually not more than three in our entire lives. There is something about an intimate friend that causes your souls to be knit together. It's what we call a kindred spirit.
Intimate friendship has four characteristics, we find in this story:                                                 
1. An intimate friend is willing to sacrifice. They assist in whatever and in whatever way is needed. Unselfishness prevails. (1 Sam. 18:4)                                        
2. An intimate friend is a loyal defense before others. He won't talk against you when you're not around. Not only did he defend his friend, he also rebuked his father for his attitude toward David.(19:4-5)                                                                                         
 3. Intimate friends give each other complete freedom to be themselves. (20:41)           
 4. An intimate friend is a constant source of encouragement. (23:15-16)

Jonathan is an intimate friend of David's. He informed David of Saul's intent to kill David. When David is at his lowest moment in his life, afraid, and stumbling through the wilderness, Jonathan brings him encouragement.

Are we that kind of intimate friend with others? Do we let them know that we understand how they feel? Do we tell them that tomorrow is going to be a brighter day? Are we with them no matter what happens?


Jonathan told David to go hid in a secret place, near a field. Jonathan would then discuss the situation with his father in the field where David could overhear.
How did Jonathan attempt to persuade his father?
  • Jonathan spoke well of David to Saul.
  • He said that David had not wronged Saul, but described David as the king's servant.
  • What David had done benefited Saul greatly.
  • David took his life in his own hands when he killed the Philistine.
  • The Lord won a great victory for all Israel, which Saul saw, and was glad.
  • Jonathan asked Saul why he would do wrong to an innocent man like David by killing him for nor reason. (verse 5)
How did this conversation turn out?
Saul took an oath to not put David to death. (verse 6)
Jonathan informed David of the conversation, brought him to Saul, and their relationship was mended, for the time being.

Do we try to mend relationships by being the mediator?


                                 ...of past hurts and forgive.

Persuade others to forgive.

Be a faithful friend.

*We had a wonderful time visiting with our daughter, son in law, and 6 grandchildren last week. Wish it could have been a week longer. We took a couple of days just the two of us and drove to the beautiful state of Vermont during the fall foliage and saw huge mountains. Gorgeous is not describing our awesome God's creation appropriately.

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