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Being Quite a Character with Character

O. T. #608  "Being Quite a Character with Character"
October 5, 2015
1 Samuel 16-Part 3
...and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward. 1 Samuel 16:13b


Do people describe us as quite a character? Do our bad qualities outweigh our good ones? Do people mention our bad qualities when asked about us? Or do they describe our good character qualities when someone asks about us? David was quite a character all right. However, he was real and not fake. He had character, which is good qualities. Yes, indeed. I describe David as quite a character with character.

In verse 13 we read that the Spirit of the LORD came upon David after Samuel anointed him with oil, symbolizing David as the next king of Israel. It was a quiet ceremony, with only David's family present.
How is this teenaged shepherd boy described? This "baby of the family" was an obedient son, came when he was called by his father, protected the sheep from harm in the fields. Verse 18 gives 5 more descriptions of David, the son of Jesse the Bethlehemite:
  1. a skilled musician,
  2. a mighty warrior,
  3. a wise man (prudent in speech),
  4. a handsome man,
  5. a godly man (the Lord was with him). (The Jeremiah Study Bible)
Let's take a closer look at these qualities, shall we?

While David was in the fields tending to his father's sheep, he sang and played the lyre. We read 150 of his songs recorded in the book of Psalms (others wrote some, too). This small harp was a stringed instrument made from the small intestines of a sheep, stretched over a piece of wood. It had a hollow chamber and multiple strings stretched to different tautness, very similar to a modern guitar. (The Jeremiah Study Bible)

David is described as a warrior? But fight with Goliath the giant had not occurred yet. So I thought about the duties of a shepherd-kill the lion or wolf when they came to attack and kill the sheep, fight the elements of weather to herd the sheep to protection. Perhaps he had to fight against jealousy toward his brothers, with them going off to war when he stayed behind to care for the sheep, even though we aren't told of such.

David was a wise man in his speech. We pick up on that character trait as he deals with Saul during his depression.
We were previously told that David had red hair and a beautiful countenance (handsome).
David was a godly young man. It would have been hard for a young man to get into trouble while away from town and people, out in the fields, right? Perhaps he learned to be a listener since he had 7 other brothers.

How would people describe us? Do we use our God-given talents and abilities for honoring our God? Are we a spiritual warrior-praying for others, standing up for the Word of God? Does our appearance honor God or draw attention to our self? Are we a godly person?


Remember, God described David as a "man after His own heart."

In his book, David, a Man of Passion and Destiny, Charles Swindoll describes David with these quality words:
  • David was spiritual. His life was in harmony with the Lord; what is important to God is important to David; what burdens God burdens him. David followed the Lord's directions and commands. David's heart was sensitive to the things of God; his heart was completely God's (as in 2 Chron. 16:9). He was authentic in his spiritual walk, not faking it. (After all, who did he have to impress out in the field?)
  • David was humble. He had a servant's heart, tending his father's smelly sheep. A servant obeys, not rebels, respect those in charge, serves faithfully and quietly. He gets the job done so another succeeds.
  • David had integrity. (Ps. 78:71-72) He was a honest-to-the-core servant with integrity. David was bone-deep honest. Making a good impression was not his concern.
Spiritually, humble, with integrity. Now that makes for a good resume, doesn't it? Who would not want that type of person on their team? Especially running a nation, God's chosen people, Israel.

All right, dear ones, you know it's time for self-inventory. What kind of person are we? Are we spiritually, humble, and have integrity? If we want to please God, then we will be developing those character qualities, all mentioned above.


Get to the point where I submit to what God wants me to do, even if the thing is hard and not my first choice.

Develop a heart for God that is always talking to Him, praising Him, loving Him throughout the day.

Kick out that "pride" and stay humble before my God.

Don't compromise my integrity for self pleasure.

Be a wise, godly prayer warrior.

Strive to be a woman after God's own heart.

*May I recommend you seeing the movie War Room. It is a very good example of God answering prayers when we seek Him with all our heart.

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