Thursday, October 1, 2015

Go, Be On Your Way

O. T. 606 "Go, Be On Your Way"
October 1, 2015
1 Samuel 16
The LORD said to Samuel, "How long will you mourn for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil and be on your way; I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king."  1 Samuel 16:1 NIV


Go where, Lord? What way? I know the answers. Where ever this country road of faith leads me as You point out the direction and whisper the instructions step by step.
Friends, sometimes this is easy to say, but difficult to do. There are days that I want to stay safe in my little house, doing what I want to do. But if that is not God's plans for me today, then I rebell and disobey by staying. Samuel had that choice-go, be on his way. Want to know what he did? Read on...

There was time which lapsed between 15:35 and 16:1. How much time we are not told. Samuel had been mourning the situation with Saul. The king of Israel had been anointed, failed, then was rejected by God. The Lord asked Samuel how long he was going to mourn for Saul. (verse 1)

Who can say how long we need to mourn a situation lost, a loved one gone on, a change in our life which we did not want? The Lord knows when enough is enough for us. Some take longer than others to accept the loss. Don't let a person determine your length of grieving. It is not for them to determine how long it takes for you to heal. God knows and He can bring healing when we turn to Him.
We realize that there is a time to mourn, according to Ecclesiastes 3:4. Apparently Samuel's time of mourning was up. God had something for him to do.


God knows exactly what He's going to do, and nothing can restrain His bringing it to pass. He knows what He is doing, even before He created the earth. He knows what is best.
God gave Samuel a mission-go to Bethlehem and you'll find the man I have already chosen. No address, no name, not even a description. Now is that walking by faith or what?
The new king which God has chosen to replace Saul is one of Jesse's son, but which one?

This new king was a man which God selected, not the people. It was David's destiny to be king of Israel. Like Esther's destiny to save her people the Jews from annihilated, so it was David's destiny to be king, later on, of course.

Destiny. It is not found in the Bible, for I looked in two concordances for it. Suppose it is man's word. This word-nerd had to look it up. Destiny is something to which a person or thing is destined; a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency. (Fate is a synonym.)
(Merriam Webster's collegiate Dictionary)

However, God would use Saul to shape David's life in the in-between years between the sheep and the throne. Is there somebody who irritates and rubs and files and scrapes and bothers you? God knows all about it. That person is all part of His plan, strange as that my seem (Swindoll)

When God tells us to go, how do we react? Do we question how we are going to accomplish His will? Samuel did in verse 2. Mostly, Samuel was panic-stricken, just plain scared. When Saul hears about this, he will kill me. Wait a minute, Samuel. Just who are you talking to? Did you forget that God could snap his fingers, blow a puff of wind, and kill Saul at any time? Come on prophet, where is your faith and trust in our powerful God? (Guilty. I hear myself saying the same to me. Where is your faith, Linda, in this situation?)

So God, who is patient and understanding, gave Samuel a plan. He was to take a heifer for a sacrifice and invite Jesse, David's father, to join him.

When a person fails God, God doesn't fail. God knows where He is leading us, and for what purpose.

The same Christ who lived a perfect, obedient, and sinless life stands prepared to live it again through you (Gal. 2:20).

Henry and Richard Blackaby say in their devotional, Experiencing God Day By Day:
God's will is not hard to discern. He has given us the Scriptures, which reveal His will, and He has placed His Holy Spirit within us to guide us to His perfect will in every situation (John 16:13). Our greatest challenge will be to wholly commit our lives to follow God's will obediently as He reveals it. If we choose to disobey His commands, we will face His wrath. If we choose to obey, we will receive His blessing. His Holy Spirit will always give you sufficient revelation and strength to take the next step with Him.

Do we choose to go with God today? If yes, then be on your way.


Mourn til time is up, then go with God.

Trust God step by step.

Leave the results to Him.

(Excuse me, but I got to hurry up and get ready, so I can be on my way today. Going with Jesus, no better way. Have a great day, ya'll.)

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