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705.  "Paradise" March 5, 2013
Revelation 22-Part 28
And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.  Revelation 22:1 KJV


What do you consider paradise? (Paradise is defined as heaven in Webster's Dictionary.)

I think it would be paradise to live in a place where everyone loved each other and got along without fussing; where pain no longer existed due to a resurrected body; where evil was completely wiped out; sin was banished; where I didn't tire from working; no complaining, only joyful and grateful attitudes; love was always expressed. The list could go one. Won't you share  your ideas of paradise?

"A Paradise Regained" is how Falwell described the contents of chapter 22. The scene shifts from the New Jerusalem above the earth to heaven itself. This chapter reveals beautifully that what was lost in Genesis is regained in the Revelation.

Liberty Bible Commentary describes what is revealed in this chapter. What shall be there?
  • The pure river of water of life, described as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb. It speaks of fullness of refreshment, life, and joy (Ps. 36:8). There are heavenly and earthly streams of blessing: earthly in Ezekiel 47:1 and Zechariah 14:8; heavenly in this passage. All comes from the seat of His blessed government. (verse 1)
  • The tree of life is in the midst of the street, on the other side of the river. Satisfying fruit will be there in abundance for the saints to partake of. Even the leaves will promote the sustained health of the nations. (verse 2)
  • The throne of God and of the Lamb will be there. (verse 3b)
  • God's servants will gladly serve Him; shall see God's face, since they have a glorified body; the name of God will be in their foreheads; they shall reign forever with King Christ. (verse 3-5)
Quite a description, isn't it?
Do I allow the Holy Spirit to give me pure thoughts? a pure life?


What will be banished, wiped out completely, forever?
  • The curse brought on the human family through the disobedience of Adam (Gen. 3:14-19) will be wiped out completely. It was paid for at Calvary by Jesus Christ. (verse 3a)
  • Night, thus, darkness, will be banished forever for the believer. It always flees in the presence of light (John 1:5). God and Christ are the eternal light of the world, so there will be no need for candles nor the sun. (Falwell)
In the Celestial City, evil, sorrow, suffering,sin, and selfishness will not exist. Death will never enter our minds. (Swindoll)

Are you feeling homesick yet? If we can smile there, I expect my face muscles to be sore for a while from smiling so much.


Can I let go of the world and my worldly goods in order to live in Paradise?

Take others with me to Paradise, heaven.

Stay faithful to my Lord Jesus.

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