Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wherever He Goes

O. T. #847  "Wherever He Goes"
October 11, 2016
2 Kings 11
Stay with the king wherever he goes.  2 Kings 11:8


We are trying to get prepared in case our sister in law has surgery this week to replace her heart valve. We are staying with the King Jesus wherever He goes. If He leads us to Nashville to a waiting room, we will follow. Love takes us wherever we are needed.

In the following chapters ahead, there are 13 different kings mentioned, with 5 from Judah and 8 from Israel. Previously, Baal worship was overthrown in Israel, and now we will see it overthrown in Judah.

Now we read of a woman named Athaliah, rising up to overthrow the throne in Judah.
What do we know about her?
  • This Queen Mother is the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.
  • Her son, Ahaziah, was dead, and she was zealous to rule Judah.
  • She was determined to  see the worship of Baal the official religion in Judah.
  • She reigned 6 years, with the death of most male relatives, most of  the Davidic line, through which the Messiah Jesus would come, was destroyed.
  • Back in 2 Samuel 7:16, God promised  the house of David would rule over Israel and Judah forever. Athaliah was bringing it to the brink of extinction. Only her grandchildren were left.
Now we turn our focus on another woman named Jeosheba. What did she do?
  • She was probably the half-sister of Ahaziah, the previous king before Athaliah.
  • She was married to the high priest Jehoida.
  • Aunt Jeosheba saved Ahaziah's infant son, Joash, from death by taking him away from the rest of the king's children, and hiding the baby in her bedroom.
  • Then for 6 years she hid Joash in the Temple of the LORD while Athaliah ruled over the land of Judah.
The bedroom was the room of beds where either the servants slept or a room in the living quarters of the temple priests. (MacArthur)

This reminds me of the story of baby Moses. His mother hid him for 3 months because the Pharaoh was trying to kill all male Hebrew babies in order to prevent them from taking over Egypt. Yet God was in control of both situations and protected both babies.


Next, there was a revolt against this ruling woman, Athaliah. How did it happen?
  • It was in her seventh year reigning over Judah, that the Priest Jehoiada fetched  the captains and palace guards and had a meeting in the house of the LORD. (It took that long did it?)
  • A covenant and oath was made there with those present. Joash was revealed to the men at that time.
  • The priest had a plan as to where the commanders were to stand guard around Joash.
  • They were to keep their weapons in their hands, kill anyone who tried to break through the guards, and stay with the king wherever he goes.
  • The armed guards surrounded Joash, and the priest got the crown, the placed it upon Joash's head. Also, he presented Joash a copy of God's laws.
  • Priest Jehoiada anointed Joash and proclaimed him king of Judah.
  • Everyone clapped and shouted, "Long live the king!"
How faithfully are we armed with the armor of God, friends?
Are we staying with the King Jesus wherever He goes, leading us in His path?
Do we proclaim Him to be our King?


Serve King Jesus faithfully doing what He says and going where He goes.
*Update on SIL Rose: She is walking now and moved from ICU to a room on the pulmonary floor. Thank the Lord for the medicines and doctors. Still praying for her enlarged heart to go down and her arteries to improve so she can have surgery. Thanks for all your prayers, dear friends.

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