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O. T. #861 "Questions"
Oct. 31, 2016
2 Kings 18-Part 2


How has not asked or wondered if God would deliver us or our loved one or our nation? A king warned his men about questions in our reading today.

Finally Judah had a godly king, Hezekiah.
What did we see happen in Judah?
  • Reformation-Immediately he set out to reform the nation by repairing the Temple, ridding it of rubbish, and reestablishing services. He proved that his love for the LORD and God blessed him.
  • Rebellion-Next, the king rebelled (a good rebellion) and refused to pay tribute to Assyria. Instead of running to God when the Assyrian army came to Jerusalem, he was afraid and gave in. He even robbed the Temple to pay Assyria. Even though the Assyrian king took the money, he invaded Judah anyway.
Events in verse 13 occurred in 701 B.C., 4 years after Sennacherib became king of Assyria. He was the son of Sargon II, the king who deported Israel into captivity. In order to prevent Assyria from attacking Judah, they paid tribute annually. He took silver from the Temple, stripped its gold doors, and treasures from the palace.  Hezekiah hoped King Sennacherib would ignore him as he stopped paying.  They retaliated.

What a mess, again. do we keep getting our self in messes repeatedly when we don't run to God for guidance?


The Assyrian king sent 3 messengers along with his army to Judah. They were warned to not listen to King Hezekiah for he would deceive them and try to persuade them by saying:
  • The LORD will deliver us.
  • Has any of the gods of the nations ever delivered his land from Assyria?
  • Where are the god of those named in verse 34?
  • Have they delivered Samaria from Hezekiah?
  • Who among the gods of the lands has delivered his land from Hezekiah?
  • So will the LORD deliver Jerusalem?
The people kept silent and did not answer the 3 men, since Hezekiah had told them not to do so.
(We know Judah eventually fell into Babylon's captivity later.) Hezekiah was told what transpired.
I don't like to leave the story there, but we will pick it up tomorrow in the next chapter.

Hang on, friends. The omniscient God knew every movement of Sennacherib, his rage, his blasphemy against God, a his tumult, his arrogance. (19:27-28) He has a hook in his nose coming and a bridle in his lips. (Falwell)

God always has the last word in situations. We must trust Him. God will deliver us.


Trust God's deliverance.

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