Thursday, October 6, 2016

Look What the Dogs Ate

O. T. #844  "Look What the Dogs Ate"
October 6, 2016
2 Kings 9-Part 3


*Update on my SIL: Tonight we will find out the plans by her doctors. Please pray for their wisdom and guidance.

I have seen evidence that coyotes have eaten dead cows. Bones are all that are left. It wasn't a pretty sight. Gruesome, too. Today, we will look what the dogs ate. And it isn't a pretty sight. No need for her to paint up her eyes and fix up her hair. She wasn't leaving a pretty corps that day.

Two kings are kill, Joram and Ahaziah. Who is next for God to avenge? Why it is a queen name Jezebel. Though she had lived 15 years longer than her husband.

Queen Mother still exercised a great deal of power in Israel, but her hour of judgment had arrived and nothing could protect her. (Wiersbe)

When she heard the new king Jehu was coming to her city of Jezereel, Jezebel got all togged up, as my dad used to say. She painted her eyelids and fixed her hair, then sat at the window.
MacArthur says that eyelids were painted with a black powder mixed with oil and applied with a brush. This darkened them to give an enlarged effect.

When Jezebel saw Jehu at the palace gate, she called down to him, asking if he came in peace. Then she called him a murderer. (It was her son Joram that he killed with an arrow.) accusing to be just like Zimri who murdered his master (1 Kings 16). She sarcastically mentioned a king who only lived 7 days as a king, implying the same fate for Jehu. Did she suspect why he was coming-to kill her?


What happened next?
  • Jehu asked the 2 or 3 eunuchs who looked down on him, "Who is on my side?"
  • Throw Jezebel down was his directions, and they threw her out of the window.
  • Her blood spattered against the wall and the horses.
  • Jehu trampled her body under his horses' hooves.
  • Jehu went into the palace and ate and drank.
  • Then he ordered someone to go bury that cursed woman, for she was a daughter of a king.
  • As they went to get her body, all that was left of it was her skull, feet, and hands.
  • When Jehu was told, he said, This fulfills the message from the LORD, which he spoke through His servant Elijah from Tisbe: 'At the plot of land in Jezreel, dogs will eat Jezebel's body. Her remains will be scattered like dung on the plot of land in Jezreel, so that no one will be able to recognize her.
In the end, her life of luxury and treachery amounted to nothing. Power, health, and wealth may make you feel as if you can live forever. But death strips everyone of all external security. The time to set your life's course is now, while you still have time and before your heart becomes hardened. the end will come soon enough.  (Life Application Study Bible)

Knowing and trusting Jesus as one's Savior is our only eternal security when we die. Friend, have you asked Him to forgive you of your sins? He loves you so much that He died for you.


Place my trust in Jesus throughout the day.

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