Thursday, October 20, 2016

Giving Credit to Others

O. T. #854  "Giving Credit to Others"
Oct. 20, 2016
2 Kings 14-Part 2


Give credit where credit is due. Have you heard that? I couldn't have pulled off a successful Vacation Bible School the past 3 years without so many teachers, aides, and other helpers. I let them know how much they are appreciated for all they do. I could not do it alone. Especially God lead and gave strength through those 3 weeks of intense work.
Today's king achieved many good things and for a while he served the Lord. Then he did a forbidden and that was that. Do we give others the credit for their help in our success?

We are still reading about Judah. King Amaziah attacked Israel and lost. Also, he was taken captive for a time. During the time of his absence, his 16 year old son, Azariah (Uzzah), probably began to reign in Judah. Then upon his father's return, the youth co-reigned with his father about 15 years. Azariah took complete rule when a conspiracy ended  his father's life.

Not much is told about this king in this chapter. Yet, in 2 Chronicles 26, we can read more:
  • One thing Azariah accomplished was to restore the seaport city of Elath. It had been Solomon's important Red Sea naval base. (1 Kings 9:26; 22:48) 
  • He reigned 52 years n Judah.
  • As long as he sought the LORD, God made him to prosper. (2 Chronicles 26:5b)
  • He had a good beginning, like Asa, Joash, and Amaziah, but became preoccupied with their successes and prosperity, instead of giving God the glory, they sinned against Him.
Who wouldn't like to be prosperous and successful? However, so many times we read of those who strayed from God. One has to keep it all in the right perspective-serving God with our all, rich or poor.


Other things King Azariah is noted to have achieved was:
  •  providing for his cattle by building towers to defend them from raiding Bedouins;
  • digging many wells for collecting and storing rain;
  • Carmel became a fruitful mountain;
  • his army became 307,500 warriors;
  • he developed war machines used for launching arrows and stones;
  • Azariah was marvelously helped by God;
  • After all of that, he was filled with pride and burnt incense upon  the altar of incense in the Temple, which was reserved exclusively for the priests, so he was sent out of the sanctuary;
  • While Azariah was standing there in the midst of the priests, leprosy came upon the king. He was quarantined according to the Law and cut off from the House of the Lord until his death. Jothan carried on the royal duties during Azarih's last 11 years.(Liberty Bible Commentary)
This king took on a role which was God did not intend for him to have-a priest. His strength led to arrogance, and eventually his own destruction. He had been successful in war and peace, in planning and executing, in building and planting.
What are we going to be remembered for when we are gone? Will we remain a faithful servant? Do we realize the power of God, who could snap His fingers and poof we cease?
Our accomplishments may not compare with this king, but we owe God our very life. Is He given credit for our successes?


Keep walking by faith in Jesus.

Give God the credit for my achievements.

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