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Overstepping Boundaries

O. T. #845  "Overstepping Boundaries"
Oct. 6, 2016
2 Kings 10
When Jehu arrived in Samaria, he killed everyone who was left there from Ahab's family, just as the LORD had promised through Elijah.  2 Kings 10:17


The killing of Ahab's family was sanctioned by King Jehu. So far he killed 2 kings, Joram of Israel and Ahazia of Judah, and 1 queen, Jezebel. It would be expected that this would happen because back in 1 Kings Prophet Elijah predicted it. Today, we rad of the fourth group killed-Ahab's family.
If you have not been previously following along with us in this study, let me bring you up to date as to why this killing occurred. King Ahab of Israel was married to Jezebel, who worshiped an idol called Baal, which resulted in the country following along, leaving God. They killed several of God's priests and an innocent man named Naboth, who refused to sell his land to the king, so Jezebel had him killed. God promised revenge upon them, and we read of it here.

Jehu overthrew the king of Israel, Joram, and we pick up the events there. Ahab had 70 sons living in Samaria. What did Jehu do?
  • He sent two letters to the officials of the city.
  • The first one challenged the Ahab's sons to prepare to fight for Ahab's dynasty.
  • The second letter instructed the leaders of the city to kill those 70.
  • That is just what happened-The placed the 70 heads in baskets and took them to the city gate at Jezreel. This horrible sight would discourage a revolt.
  • Jehu told the crowd they were not to blame, for he conspired against Ahab's family.
Sometimes we consider things like this as such a crewel thing. However, it was God's way of taking revenge for the lives of His servants. He knows who will not repent and surrender to Him. We leave His judgment in His hands.


Some say Jehu was overstepping the bounds of God's judgment when he killed Ahab's officials, personal friends, and his priests. It is said that Jehu used his God-given power to meet his own selfish desires. It may very well be according to verse 31.
Then there were the relatives of King Ahaziah, going to visit the 70 sons of Ahab and Jezebel who were killed. Jehu had all 42 of them killed. Could be that Jehu was trying to wipe out any potential heir of the house of Ahab since they were related to Ahaziah.

Hosea 1:4-5  later announce punishment upon Jehu's dynasty for this senseless slaughter. Many times in history, "religious" people have mixed faith with personal ambition, power, or cruelty, without God's consent or blessing. (Life Application Study Bible)

Have we experienced folks who have overstepped their boundaries? They go a little too far. And it's not a good thing.  As Christians, we need to seek Go's leadership in situations before we get wrapped up in a cause.


Seek the Lord Jesus' will before overstepping mine.

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