Monday, October 3, 2016

Behind Closed Doors

O. T. #842  "Behind Closed Doors"
October 3, 2016
2 Kings 9
Call him into a private room away from his friends and pour the oil over his head. 2 Kings 9:2


Some say it doesn't matter what goes on behind closed doors, yet God sees all.

The next two chapters deal with history of both Israel and Judah, violence which occurs due to the Lord's executing His wrath on those who despised and disobeyed His Word. We will see how the long effect of the idol worship of Baal continued in the family of King Ahab and Jezebel.

First, let's look at the kingship of Israel, and the time they reigned according to The MacArthur Bible Commentary:
  • Omri in 885-874 BC 
  • Ahab in 874-853 BC (Jezebel was his wife)
  • Ahaziah in 853-852 BC
  • Joram (also called Jehoram) in 852-841BC
  • Jehu in 841-814.

God had not abandoned Israel, though Israel had abandoned God. He chose their kings to either bless Israel's obedience or curse a disobedient nation according to His covenant with them.
In verses 4-10, Jehu is anointed king by an unnamed prophet which Elisha sent to perform the task. Although, the anointing was done privately, behind closed doors, it was so at the right time his revolt would be a surprise against Jehoram, who would not have time to prepare for it. Jehu was the only king in the Northern king of Israel to be anointed after Saul ad David were anointed by Samuel. He had previously been a commander in King Ahab's army.

God's message to Jehu was:
  • Jehu was to destroy the entire family of Ahab, a method of God avenging the murder of His prophets and servants by Jezebel, who lived 15 years after her husband Ahab; (1 Kings 21)
  • Every male descendant, slave and free, would be destroyed.
  • Dogs, considered scavengers, would eat Jezebel at the plot of land in Jezreel which she obtained for her whinny husband Ahab and killing innocent people, including Naboth, God's servant. She was not buried as a queen, indicating her disgrace.
  • The young messenger opened the door and ran. It was a dangerous assignment, a prophet being in the midst of Jehoram's army officers.
The officers suspected something going on behind closed doors so they inquired of Jehu. His head would have been drenched with oil, obviously seen. At first, he told then, "You know how a man like that babbles on."

There are times that God speaks to us behind closed doors, in private. Do we get alone with God and listen for Him to speak? We are admonished to pray privately in our closet, so to speak.


What happened next would determine Jehu's success. These officers in King Jehoram's army could reveal what was going on to the king could stop a revolt from happening or they could support Jehu as their king.
Not believing his statement, they insisted Jehu tell them what he was hiding. So he revealed what went on behind the closed door-the Lord anointed Jehu to be king over Israel. The men proclaimed Jehu as king in Israel, demonstrating their support by spreading their cloak on the ground, and the blowing a trumpet. The word was out now.

Next, we will see how it all comes down and if Jehu is successful. However, if we think about it, what God says He will do, He does.


Trust God to keep His Word.

Keep praying in private.

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