Monday, October 24, 2016

Good Role Models

O.T. #856 "Good Role Models"
October 24, 2016
2 Kings 15


Isn't it hard for young people to see good role models in our society now days? Rebellion, materialism, and sensuality is so ramped. Secular music and movie stars portray sinful lives and it is no big deal to them.  I want to encourage you to remain faithful to serving God. Elijah and Elisha had a similar problem in their societies and nation. Be a good role model of morality and a servant of Jesus Christ. Out of 6 kings we read about today, one was good-Jotham.

There were a few things I did not say previously about Judah's King Azariah. is name means strength of the Lord. He was also called Uzziah, which means helped of Jehovah. Perhaps the name Uzziah rings a bell. It was in the year that he died that the Prophet Isaiah received his call to service, found in Isaiah 6. I felt that was important for us to know. Later on when we get to Isaiah's book, we will be able to place him in this time frame.

Here we go again, jumping from Judah to Israel. Have you picked up on the fact that there was a corresponding reign of the kings of Judah and Israel, reigning during the same time? Are you ready for more history?

Here we have a brief recording of 5 kings of Israel (in verses 8-31):
  1. Zachariah ruled in Israel for only 5 months and was assassinated by Shallum. He was the fourth and final generation of the dynasty of Jehu. Prophet Amos warned him of his death and Jeroboam's dynasty ending.
  2. Shallum reigned 1 month and was killed by Menahem.
  3. Menahem reigned 10 years, doing wicked deeds even surpassing the heathen. Apparently, he had been commander in chief in Jeroboam II's army, so he thought he deserved Israel's throne. That could have been the reason for his killing Shallum. In verse 19 we have the first mention of Assyria, which was on its way to becoming a world-power and empire. the first of 3 invasions upon Israel, King Menahem bribed King Pul of Assyria with riches in the Temple of God.
  4. Pekahiah ruled for 2 years, up to the time of Ahaz. H was killed in a conspiracy by Pekah, his captain.
  5. Pekah became sole ruler of Israel for about 20 years. Assyria made its second invasion upon cities in northern Israel, north and west of the Sea of Galilee and took captives (the first of 2 deportations). Again, another king of Israel's reign ended with his death at the hand of another conspirator, Hoshea.
[Resources: Liberty Bible Commentary, Life Application Study Bible]

These kings were poor role models for he next generation and ruler. Jesus is our perfect model for our life. No matter how we were raised, we can strive to live as He did.


Now the Scripture travels over to Judah. We read about Jotham, the godly son of Uzziah (Azariah) and his wicked son Ahaz.
What do we know about Jotham?
  • Jotham was age 25 when he took the throne of Judah.
  • He reigned 16 years in Jerusalem.
  • He did that which was right in the sight of the LORD. (verse 34)
  • He built the higher gate, which was probably the Benjamin Gate that faced the territory of Benjamin.
  • However, Jotham did not destroy the pagan hilltop shrines.
We can spend a lifetime doing good, yet not following God with all our hearts. Are we putting God first in all areas of our life?


Be a good role model for young Christians.

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