Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oh, the Nation

O. T. #858  "Oh, the Nation"
Oct. 26, 2016
2 Kings 17


Jumping again back to Israel, like jumping from one trampoline to another. I will be using Wiersbe's Expository Outlines on the Old Testament to help better explain this long chapter.
Israel's last king, Hoshea, led the Northern Kingdom into captivity. Assyria captured Samaria, its capital city, in 722 B.C., after subduing the nation. What could have been a great victory to the glory of God turned out to be a defeat that brought the worship of the true God to a new low.

I was during Pekah's reign that Hoshea conspired to kill the king and was successful, taking over Israel. (We read of it back in 15:27-31.) Hoshea was one of the 20 evil kings of Israel, just not as bad. He permitted his citizen to participate in the "great Passover" called by Judah's King Hezekiah.

Had Israel's first king, Jeroboam, walked in the ways of the Lord and led his nation to obey the Law, the history of Israel would have been different. Instead, he disobeyed God and led his nation to sin with golden calves at Dan and Bethel (1 Kings 12:25-33).

Are we following after others in their paths of sin? Or do we follow God in His path of righteousness? Which path do we walk down? God is merciful when we stray off the right path of faith.


What were the causes of Israel's captivity by Assyria?
  1. First, there are no accidental events in history, but God's plans and purposes are behind every nation. (I agree with Wiersbe.) Let us note that God chastised His people in history and wil do to nations today who rebel against Him.
  2. The nation forgot God. (v. 7) God had delivered and redeem them as slaves from Egypt. the Passover should have reminded Israel of that, as well as God's grace and mercy.
  3. The nation secretly disobeyed. (v.8-9) In Deuteronomy Israel was warned to not mingle with the heathen nations in Canaan, yet they did secretly disobey.
  4. The nation openly rebelled. (v. 10-12) They set up idols to worship.
  5. The nation resisted God's call. (v. 13-15) God sent prophets to warn both Israel and Judah to repent of their sins as and turn to God, but their necks were stiff and refused in stubborn rebellion.
  6. The nation sold itself to do evil. (v. 16-23) Israel became slaves of sin. Their kings were evil in God's sight.
It took about 250 years for the kingdom of Israel to fall into ruin. They heard preachers like Elijah, Elisha, Amos, Hosea, and Isaiah, yet refused to bow the knee to the Lord. There is no cure for apostasy. All God can do is judge, and then take a "believing remnant" and start over again.

Are we Americans prepared to be a remnant that believes God and His Word, then follows it? It has been 240 years, friends, since we became independent to worship God as He leads. What is next? Is she on the path of self worship, pagan god worship, materialism, immorality, not needing God?
Will we be the ones to intercede for her?


Pray for God's mercy and pit upon myself, my family, my church, and my nation.

Repent of sins for all, agreeing with God.

Trust Him to do what He deems right and best.

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