Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Our Unique Paths

O. T. #1225  "Our Unique Paths"
June 19, 2018
Psalm 38
Hold up my goings in Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.  Psalm 17:5


Here is another downer song by David. It sounds like he is older since his eyes are failing as well as in physical pain.
Matthew Henry's Commentary gives us some insight and overview of David's situation:
  • David's sins and afflictions are the cause of his grief and the matter of his complaints.
  • Being sick and in pain reminds David of his sins and humbled him.
  • He was deserted by friends and persecuted by his enemies.
  • He is experiencing distress and calamities.
If we don't have such troubles, they may be around the corner. Others have such problems and we should show sympathy for them.
A young family in a nearby town has gone through the pits, the valley of the shadow of death. Their little sweet 4 year old daughter had a malignant tumor at the base of her skull. She went through treatments for over a year, but they only extended her time here for a while. Through it all, this family has remained faithful to God, the source of their strength. God's grace has carried them through is valley and give Him glory. I cannot imagine their pain. It is hard enough to loose an older loved one.

Our faith will end in sight one day. Meanwhile, let us continue in God's love. Christ is risen and victorious over death.


Did you notice that I switched our headings? That is so we can end on an encouraging note. Look what today's devotional, written by Sarah Young in Jesus Calling, as she writes as though Jesus is speaking to us:
You are my beloved child. I chose you before the foundation of the world, to walk with Me along paths designed uniquely for you. Concentrate on keeping in step with Me, instead of trying to anticipate My plans for you. If you trust that My plans are to prosper you and not to harm you, you can relax and enjoy the present moment. Your hope and your future are rooted in heaven, where eternal ecstasy awaits you. Your main focus should be staying close to Me. I set the pace in keeping with your needs and My purposes.
This weekend we had a great time getting together with family and played some outdoors games. As I walked along the path of miniature golf, water was spraying and I slipped on the wet concrete, but did not fall down. Sometimes we can slip off the unique path which God has for us to walk. Other times, we stay on the path, just slipping slightly. Do we continue to glorify Him along the way. We don't have to fall into sin. In our weakness, He is our power. He is the God of all my days, as the song goes. Shall we do our best today to live for Jesus?


Live in Jesus' love, keeping step with Him.
Remain on my unique path for my life. Lead the way, Jesus.
Let God be good in the wildest sense-His goodness.

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