Tuesday, June 26, 2018


O. T. #1230  "Integrity"
June 26, 2018
Psalm 41


The MacArthur Bible Commentary says:
 David's message of Psalm 41 speaks of God's tender, loving care in the critical care unit of life:

  1. Recognizes human compassion (verse 1a)
  2. Revels in God's care for the compassionate (verses 1b-3)
  3. Requests grace, health, and forgiveness (verse 4)
  4. Rehearses the meanness that he has experienced (verses 5-9)
  5. Requests grace, health, and retribution (verse 10)
  6. Revels in God's care for him personally (verses 11,12)
  7. Recognizes divine compassion (verse 13)
Shall we break it down and make it personal?
  • When we are compassionate toward others, God returns it to us. It doesn't matter whether it be poor, sick, or lonely people.
  • He rescues us in our time of trouble.
  • He protects us and keeps us alive. He prospers us and rescues us from our enemies.
  • God nurses us and restores our health. He may use medication and those in the health profession to aide us, but ultimately, healing comes form God.
  • Our God forgives us and shows us mercy when we ask.
Such blessings we are shown. Do we give our Heavenly Father enough praises and thanks for all His compassion toward us? Will we in turn pour out that compassion on others?


Read verse 12, As for me, You uphold me in my integrity, And set me before Your face forever.

In the Hebrew language, integrity (tom, tome) means innocence, upright.

There are times that people do not understand our words or actions, question our motives, ridicule us, or reject us. And then the only one who understands our motive is God. At those times when we are striving to keep our integrity in tack, we must trust God who sees all. Regardless of how others perceive us, we must continue to walk in integrity, doing what is right in God's eyes. He will uphold our integrity.
Shall we maintain our integrity by walking with Jesus? As a Christian, it is utmost of importance.


Show the compassion of Jesus.
Watch my actions and words so they maintain my integrity.

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